Saturday, March 17, 2007

Think Pink
Blog-Off For Breast Cancer

My blogger friend Courtney of Five Second Dance Party( isn't working today) is sponsoring a Blog-Off.

I spend my spare (which is not too much) time in Bog Advance browsing the blog-0-world, and I participate in a few of the forums.
Oh, for almost a year I have chatted with Courtney, about books, and literature. She monitors short stories we write and she is a real advocate of Breast Cancer Awareness Campaigns.

Last year I sponsored her to do the Breast Cancer Cancer Awareness walk in Washington State, and she encouraged me to participate in the Booby-thon. She does her part in memory of her Mom who passed away, way too young. I do it in memory of my Grandmother and my friend Anny Fanny who passed way, and for my friend Esther who is a survivor, and for me who had a lumpectomy that turned out not to be cancer (whew!), but is certainly a testement to early detection saves lives.

To kick off this year's prep for the Cancer Walk, Courtney is having a blog-off. It ends up like a 50-50 draw in the end, but the idea is that all participants pay an entry fee. On specific days we will get a single key word sent to us, and we must write about the subject.

Each week there will be a vote by the paying participants and one of us will be "voted off the island". We will blog-off week to week and the last one standing will be the winner.

The winner will get the"kitty". (the kitty is the nick name for a pot of money)

March 17th is the last day to register for the Blog-off.
I am challenging all my bloggy friends to join up and we will just see who wins in the end!

For more information contact Courtney over at Five Second Dance Party.

Come On! I dare you to beat my one-word-based essays! I double dog dare you!


RheLynn said...

sounds interesting!

chase said...

That sounds quite interesting and also for a good cause I think

Courtney said...

Thanks for posting about it, Lynn!

Either of you two up for it, rhelynn or chase??

Let me know by tomorrow if you are and I can squeeze you in, still!

Diane said...

Good luck in the blog-off. I'm participating too and I'm looking forward to the challenge.

Evey said...

Hey there my fellow blogoffer;) Just wanted to stop in and tell you hi and I am looking forward to reading your post:)