Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I am sorry this is not Wordless Wednesday stuff but please read it. (Andre if you read this post please look at the post below this for a note to you)

All I Learned About Care And Love I Learned From My Hamsters

You all have seen Bunny and Kiki on video before.
If you have not guessed I am omitting my Wordless Wednesday because I think this is too important to say in comments.

I am going to warn you that this piece is filled with emotion and you will cry after this is done, but it is so necessary for you to see this. I want you to just let go and allow what you see to fill you.

This is a photo of Kiki laying over Bunny to keep her warm.

Over the past weeks it has become apparent that Bunny has a tumor. I have watched her closely to see if she has any sign of pain or real bad sickness.
Bunny has a tumor in her mamory and it is large enough to effect her back leg. It has become stiff and she is kinda limping around.

She is cleaning herself and eating and walking around, but she gets stuck when she tries to turn a certain way or when she rolls on her back cleaning herself.

I have been told that if a hamster is cleaning themself they are not suffering.

But it has been hard for me to stand by while she withers away and loses her strength.

Normally I would do the "humane" thing and euthenize her. But something is stopping me. It is Kiki.

Bunny gets stuck and Kiki will come and turn her over and clean the side Bunny can't clean, and she massages Bunny all over to make her feel more comfortable. Kiki even laid down at the bottom of their cage ramp so there would be a buffer there if Bunny took a roll down the ramp as she usually does.

I cannot take away the true loss of Bunny for Kiki. I watch her care so intently with her sister. Sometimes too intently. Bunny wanted to run on the wheel and couldn't so Kiki tried running for her. That only turned into one hamster running and the other tumbling around like she was in a dryer. I quickly stopped the wheel and put a second wheel on the smaller cage I moved them to, so Kiki could use another wheel when Bunny tried to take it for a spin. It worked right away. Kiki moved to the other wheel right away.

I think some of us humans could learn compassion from this video of Kiki caring for Bunny who is in a deep deep sleep right now. I don't know how the end will effect Kiki but I know she has to have the right to be with her sister to the very end. She earned it.

Sorry the video is so short, but I think with the photo and the bit of video you know that Kiki is so busy fluffing the nest and checking on Bunny and warming her. It is bed time now and Bunny is resting comfortably and eating from her bed. Kiki has fluffed up the whole area around her and is just laying beside her for a while. Later she will warm Bunny.


chase said...

That is a very touching story about your Bunny and Kiki. I am sorry to hear that Bunny is sick. Is there a way to help her? Coz i think the vets can operate the tumor out

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Very very touching indeed. I can fully understand you! I hope all goes as well as it can go.... *sad*

Regarding your comment on the cyber cruise:

Oh, we're not that "fussy", so you're welcome along for as long or short as you want to Lynn!

Every one from our A-Swab Team (which you are) automatically has a ticket where you can hop aboard or to land as you like - even if you're aren't hosting the cruise anything :-)

RheLynn said...

I am so sorry to hear about poor Bunny - and what a touching story of Kiki taking care of her! I hope all goes as best as can -- and maybe this is a sign that Kiki would like to have another companion - or maybe even babies, after? It's hard to suggest now, but if Bunny does pass after all Kiki's hard work - she may become depressed without something to keep caring for :o(

**hugs to you**

Jules said...

How sweet and sad. I hope that Kiki survives the passing of Bunny...how loving of you to let her continue to care for her

Teena said...

Poor Bunny! Kiki is taking such good care.

Waterfalls Insights said...

It's so sad to see our little friends suffer.
We had our bunny Lulu pass over a few years ago and it still breaks me up when I think about her.
I'm sure she still visits me sometimes in the forms of my other pets:) I used to say Lulu go crazy and visualize her running around shaking her head. So she would! run around the carpet like mad!, shaking her long ears like crazy! She made me laugh so much:)
Sometimes the cats or other animals look in my eyes, with that wild look, and I'll say to them go crazy! and do the visualization and they act just like Lulu used to.. I'm sure she's got something to do with that.
Most times, I feel that our little friends are so much more intelligent than we are.
(((bug hugs)))

RennyBA said...

what a sad and touching story and I'm kind of glad you shared it with us - as you said; we all have a lot to learn about it. To often we all are rushing around in our selfish life and forget to care about others (small once or big once)
I wish you the best weekend you could have under the circumstances!

Cats ~ Goats ~ Quotes said...

Thanks for such a heartfelt post of your girls.
I hope Bunny has a peaceful passing, if it is to be.

Mother of Invention said...

I'll be thinking of this whole situation and hope it all turns out the best way possible. It is hard to say good bye to a friend, pet or human.