Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Vertict Is In!

*Sticky Post*
Hey Andre,

I know you are concerned about me not replying to your emails.
I have been all along, and I assure you that your updated email is on the list for updates of this blog.
But I believe, when your company changed to the new email service addresses,
there may have been a higher level spam security put on.
Even my replies to your email are not getting through.
If this becomes something we cannot solve I can do all of the emails through my sympatico mail.

Sorry to worry you ,



Well the vote for the contest came in and I was eliminated. So sad. Motivated Motion is voted off the island with Super Duper Fantastic. Sigh.
So I won't have any more competition pieces.
But, I will have a post on Wednesdays with the linkys so the other competitors can pimp their competition piece for the week. This way you all get a chance to read the work.
I am still having publishing problems. Darn blogger thought they fixed it, but they did not, so I have to get back on the program with them today and expand the trouble ticket.
Still can't highlight anything to change font size or colour while in the 'Compose' mode of edit. Big fat poo on that cuz that also makes it so I can't put in links. Hopefully it will be working soon.


Autumn said...

Hi I came by from tnchic's link for photohunter. Didn't see one for you this week, but decieded to stay and read your back post. I am gald I did. I have found your blog to be fascinating. I especially like the way you explained Ostara. I also follow the wheel of the year and loved the way you presented it so others who do not follow this path could understand.
I have bookmarked you and will be back. I am looking forward to future post

Kate said...

Sorry to hear you got voted off and that you are having blogger problems... ugh!

Hey, our snow has almost all melted!

RheLynn said...

:o( Sorry to hear about being voted off the island :o( Can you do HTML composing? I usually use that mode when making blog posts. Also wanted to ask you how your hamsters are doing?

Lynn said...

When you see that I have proper fonts and stuff I have used Html composing.
I can do all I want in html, but I have to have the time to do it right.
Part of the problem is that blogger is putting redundant code out too (which is not usual for new blogger)so I am constantly cleaning the Html because of the bad code. Ugg!

Evey said...

I was sorry to see you go from the competition. But I have added you to my blog list and be sure I will be stopping by now and then:)