Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Garlic Knows Its Spring Soon!

The Orchids are happy in the livingroom garden
Carl really helped me out in the garden today. He pulled out the bassinette where the whole year indoor garden is, and gave all the plants a good once-over and pulled off all the dead leaves. This was such a great thing for me. I just haven't had the energy to get at them in the last couple of weeks.
We know its spring when the Passion Flowers die-out last years old shoots and revitalize the new shoots that grew all winter.
Every year when I have to rewind the Passion Flowers onto their trelluses, I know spring is around the corner. No matter how snowy it is outside here.
Knitting My Own Socks

Sock knitting class was on Saturday.
This is the ribbing of my new own socks.
See the cool pattern. This is a varigated ball of yarn. It is a cotton fibre.
As I knit the sock the pattern magically appears!
This is a new yarn that came into Knit or Knot( ) last week.
Sooooo cool!

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RennyBA said...

Hmmm I just love it!!! Spring is in the air! In Norway the snow is almost gone close to the coast line and in my garden snows bells are peeking up! I love winter, but now I'm ready for sun and flowers. Yours was lovely - thanks for sharing!
Your knitting is brilliant too - you know it always remind me of my mother and the good old days:-)
Btw: Thanks for joining our Cyber Cruise - it was great to have you visit Oslo last night!