Thursday, June 14, 2007

All Decked-Out For The Long Haul Monitoring the International Webloggers' Day Forum!

So this is my desk in the midnight hour at (G-5hr), and ready to spend the better part of 30hrs monitoring the Forum.
My Perrier for fizzy freshness, my knitting, and my handy-dandy Garfield Coffee Mug!

Don't forget I have my doors open today 12 noon till 12 midnight for those who want to drop by my home.
If you don't know where I live you will have to be a creative blogger and try to figure out the best way to find out.
This is not a test. Just ask and I will give you directions if you are going to be in the area.

If you come by, you can write on my blog post from my computer to say "Hi".
I will have tea or coffee or water to offer you for sure. Plus a few snacks to munch on while we hang out.

If it is a nice day I may move the computer to the garden. If it is too hot I will stay in the nice air conditioned house.

Please join us on the InWeday Forum by clicking here.

You can click on the official International Webloggers' Day button for all other information and registration. You can find the button at the top of my margin.


Our theme this year is Solidarity.

I will try my best not to sound redundant, as I am also posting on Forum, so I hope I can be more personal on my blog here.

I started blogging in March 2006. It was a suggestion by my Sons to try it out. I really enjoyed it once I got going. It was difficult learning the ropes and understanding protocol and learning html codes.

I also marked my first year being involved in International Webloggers' Day last year. I embarked on my journey into this great celebration by taking on a forum for the cause. I was tickled-pink to be able to do it again, when Rio asked.

In the year that I have been blogging I have made some really great blogger friends. Most I just share comments with, but a few have become great real friends too. I joined a few online groups with like interests and the bloggers who participate in them are from all over the world.

I notice that those that personal blog (ones who journal-about family, friends, hobbies and travels or life in general) :are quite upfront in their Profile Information about what values they carry for life.

:Then how often they blog is based on their lifestyle.

:Their passions and hobbies will take up a majority of their written word, and photos to fill in family and friends always compliment the work.

:When I first started blogging I tried a bunch of different gizmos like cyber pets, or personality test results like, "What type of Plant are you?" and other cyber ways to dress up my blog.

It wasn't right away when I noticed Blog Generator Tools, but when I did, I really found a wealth of choices of bloggers to read on them.

From those generators I picked and sifted through the blogs and posts to find the Bloggers who had similar values, ideals, hobbies and interests, yet... for the most part, were not in my own country.
This part is the Solidarity part:
This vast world is so big, yet on the NET we are drawn together by curiosity and interests, and can share our own experiences to help someone else expand their own knowledge. We are equally teachers and learners. For all we share out, we can also take in from others' blogs.

I love learning about different cultures, and I love my own country, Canada. I crave to learn and I can in turn tell about: My Country, my family, and my hobbies and travels.

I met a lot of folks from last years InWeDay list last year, and through those first greetings, I have enjoyed a whole year of interesting reads from like-minded people.

I believe that as this past year progressed I learned a lot of the bloggers I read began to try out different types of e-business opportunities. I have seen a lot of my fellow bloggers trying out pay per post, and selling products, plus advertising. I think this whole new area of commerce is amazing.
I decided to use my blog to advertise for my real-life friends' business ventures. I find this very satisfying. To me it is win win for all of us. I am very proud to have info for them up on my blog, or in my posts.

Solidarity for me is each of us learning that the other guy has the same day to day issues and concerns. That we all worry about energy, and industry, money, and the environment to some degree. We all send the message that we dislike wars, and wish there were no wars and that people could live in peace. Yet some of us understand there will be war that has to be fought, and some of us will never be able to even come to terms with the idea of war at all.

In our blog comments we can support our fellow bloggers, or we can voice our opinion, or we can draw someone's attention to something of interest. And best of all we acknowledge others, and can thank others for coming for a blog visit with a few lines in our favorite color.

I will never tire of reading your stories about your culture, knitting, pets, kids, travel, and history.
I will be intrigued by what you figure is news.
I will be in awe of the new way you figure out how to grow your e-commerce site.
And if you have a support blog or a cause blog......I am there!

Will I be a bad blogger and forget to comment? Maybe.
Will I pass on your Url to someone else? Probably.
Will I read your posts weekly? I hope so.

Will I be blessed if you do the same? You bet!

And I will always be thankful to all of those who are not bloggers who take the time to read my posts.

My NeoCounter with the list of Countries and Flags will tell you how many folks have stopped by my blog since last InWeDay!

Happy International Webloggers' Day!


Ingo said...

Happy InWeDay! Start blogging. Read blogs. Link to blogs.

José Di Bártolo said...

Hello! I´m from Argentina. You wrote in my blog, thanks, and happy InWeDay!!!

gleidson said...

Happy International Webloggers' Day to you too!

Ricard Pardo said...

I offer by a more and more small world. But full of people like your.
Happy International Webloggers’ Day!
Noxeus (R.Pardo)

José María said...

Happy International Webloggers Day!
we are in the same way than you...

dorfun said...

hi, from galiza (northwest of spain)... and happy blog day :D

J said...

Happy InWeDay, Lynn and many more to come.

That linky thing is too cool!

looking4good said...

Happy International Weblogger's Day ... from Portugal. Thanks for your visit and comment. Receive flowers, smiles and ..poetry. Well... a cofee with a Perrier water would be welcome :)

Osquer said...

Happy International Weblogger's Day from Pittsburgh where it's sunny and the birds are singing in my garden!

Kines said...

Happy InWeDay, Lynn, and thanks once again for your tireless effort! I really do appreciate the work you've put into everything. I've posted excerpts of your entry on the main site- I hope you won't mind.

All the best,

azuka said...

Yikes! I wasn't ready. I can't think up a post. Yikes!

RennyBA said...

Thanks for the greeting - sorry I'm late responding!

This was a great post about how blogging empowering people and you are a wonderful representative.
Like I always say; Make Blogs not Wars! Blogging connecting people you know and I'm glad I met you as it is great to have you as a blog friend!

Wishing you a lovely weekend:-)