Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A Blogger After My Own Heart!

This past weekend I spent all of Saturday in Classes at Knit or Knot. In the morning was lace class. I am doing a quite unconventional Ocean ribbon cardigan. This is the way big boobied gals can fudge a pattern..... change the medium. The colour is tourquois. It is amazing. I am supposed to have the back of the cardigan done by Saturday. Ugg homework!

Lots of homework.
All of the family emergencies in the past month have taken away my time to finish the shop tank I am making for one of the models at Knit or Knot's window. Lovely yarn for that too. It is Just Bamboo. Wow what an amazing fabric. So soft and the colours are fab. So I am working mornings on the tank and evenings on the lace.

In the afternoon on Saturday I had a shadow knitting class. Kalleigh had us do a swatch so we could understand the format of the graphs. It took me a bit to get it, but I did get it. Now I was to set out to decide what I was gonna make for that class. Kalleigh had a few ideas printed out, and mentioned a few others on the net. In her passing she mentioned there were a few skulls in shadow knitting patterns on the web. Well, skulls caught my ear and I really wanted to make skulls for Cam. I get two weeks to finish my homework of skulls.

I went online and Googled shadow knit skulls, and got myself a slue of choices. I looked at them all, and one blog stood out from all the rest....aaaaaand this Gal seemed to just oooz weird Lynndom and the fragrance of Creativity. This chick has dry tanks in her work room. Hummm who else has dry tanks in her work room....? Hummm?....Maybe ME!(crabby crabby, hammy, hammy) She has piercings....and funky punky, rocker taste in wardrobe! Hummmm?....who's a Gothy Mommy (never gave up the eyeliner for love nor money!) I tell ya this amazing Gal from Storm Moon Knits is like me when I was 24! Wow, Cam is 19 and he was born when I was 24!{oh stake through the heart, as I feel it wither with age}

Storm Moon Knits had just the shadow knitting pattern I was looking for. The Dark Mark from Harry Potter. Skull with Snake through the eye! WooT!

The photo below is from her great blog. If you click on the photo it will take you to her pattern for this amazing scarf on her blog. She has great stuff to check out.
I went to Knit or Knot to get my yarn. But not just the yarn for the Dark Mark, but Yarn for a Linux Penguin shadow knit scarf, aaaand a DNA shadow knit scarf! JACKPOT! Cam, Alex and Amber all getting prezzies from Mom(ish)!

Ok so for the low down on the yarns:

Dark Mark Scarf: Debbie Bliss Stella (silk, rayon, and cotton fibre) in colours 38014 and 38001 which are green and black

Linux Penguin Scarf: Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool(wool, silk fibre) in colours 48 and 004 which are sage grey and black

DNA Scarf: Luxury Collection (Fine Merino Superwash Wool DK) in colours 2873 and 500 which are Purple and Black.

Margarette helped me pick the yarns suitable for my projects. She is the high grade fibre and creation Guru at Knit or knot. She can figure out anything yarned, patterned, explained, imagined and make a pattern for it!

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Teena said...

Wow! They look so cool! I'm waiting for the knitting urge to come back to me.