Friday, June 22, 2007

Birds, Flowers and Skulls!
I Am Tagged But I Have to Postpone it till Saturday

We had a little baby Morning Dove hangin' out front all day.

The Calla Lillies are blooming

Oh so lovely rose
And Roses Abunda!
And Feverfew is going crazy!

I finished my Dark Mark Shadow knitting scarf for Cam
This looks like normal stripes when looking at it square, but tilt a bit and WOW! skulls and snakes!


RennyBA said...

What a great guided tour in the garden!
The Dark Mark Shadow looks scaring!

I know you like a good conversation at dinner, so let me spice it up:
This weekend we celebrate mid summer in Norway. It's poring rain this year though, so to put you into the right mood, you'll have to read my post from last year:-)

Lindsay said...

i really like the green background and black skull. it looks awesome!