Friday, June 15, 2007

On Saturday June 9th The Queen's York Rangers Military Reserve Unit Had Their Stand Down Parade

The Queen's York Rangers of Aurora, Ontario are the oldest unit in the Military Reserves North America. They are also known as the First American Regiment. Originally the unit Armouries building in Aurora was a Cavalry building.
Today they are the Armoured Recce Unit.
Armoured Recce is the unit that goes in first to map out placement of the enemy and bring vital intelligence back to the Command.

In Canada our Reserves are volunteer. In Canada one has to pass a very difficult testing process and investigation process to get in the Military, whether in Reg Force or Reserves.
Our Military candidates must be fit, intelligent, and have no blemishes of their life conduct to be given the chance to go into basic training.

Our Reservists can offer themselves up to do Reg Force Duties overseas. We don't have conscription here. From the Queen's York Rangers, alone, 38 Members have volunteered for the next tour in Afghanistan.

Queen's York Rangers has Canadian records held for their placement of candidates through Highschool Co-op Placement. I believe there were 42 new members this year from York Region through the Highschool Co-Op program!

My Son Alex is on a hiatus because of University and he has the rank of Corporal. My Husband Carl is the oldest new recruit. June 20th he turns 50.
Carl just finished his BMQ and SQ qualifications and is a Private.

I believe the youngest recruits are 17.

Carl is third from the right in the middle row

Carl is second from the right middle row
Guidon Party

Sgt Worrell retired from Regular Army and Reserves after 28 years of Service
He will be missed.
He is a really great leader.

Plaques, Awards, and Gifts for Sgt Worrell and his Wife

Clapping him out


RheLynn said...

Nice pictures! You really document these events well.

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Great pictures! (I came here via Blog Mad) - I really enjoyed reading this.