Sunday, June 17, 2007

Photos of Carl's Birthday, and some words on Slow Food
I hope you enjoy our Convivia!

RennyBa Has Inspired Me To Write About My Slow Food

If you have been following along, you know I am on a Metablolic Diet. This is a prescribed medical program to aid in the final part of my recovery from an Aquired Brain Injury.
I am enhancing this program with Holistic Nutrician and Hypnotherapy.

This all goes together to set my mind on wellness, to enhance my body systems that were slowed down due to the physical stress the injury caused me.
One cannot escape being medicated for the symptoms of the injury, so it is important to eat a nutritious meal 6 times a day. Two of those meals must be quite large, and be of the highest quality food.

North Americans' diets usually consist of extremely over processed and genetically manipulated foods.

The metabolic diet consists of grains that are not processed chemically, nor are genetically altered. This mean regular flour, sugar, and non-live dairy products are to be avoided, and gluten is kept at a minimum.
Food needs to be considered valuable to the body system as a whole.
Vegetables that can absorb the most free radicals from the soil are avoided. So no vegetable that grows below the ground.

Meat should be lean and organically fed.

As today progresses I will show the food for today's BBQ.
For Carl's 50th celebration I am marinating chicken breast, and pork chops in a hand made tariaki liquid. I am marinading steak in a home made BBQ sauce marinade. The fish is zested with lemon.

There are raw vegetables and tzaziki dip, and a deep green leafy salad.

And a huge bowl of cherries for chatting over.

The only bad boy on the menu is the Birthday Cake. It is partially slow, for it has custard cream in it. (but I did not bake it so the flour is probably regular white pastry flower. And really don't know if I will try any)

For the steadfast Canadians there will be baked potatoes. (I won't be having any, because they are from below the ground)

Papa's Pics of Carl's Birthday Dinner


Ann and Cliff

Gary, Alex and Cam


Charlotte and Terry Arrive

Good Food!

Shrimp on a Cedar Plank, Baked Russett Potatoe, Pork Chops and Steak

Ann Cowie, Cam, Carl, Al, Mom, Me, Cheryl(hidden), Alex(hidden a bit), Gary, Terry, Charlotte

Carl, Al, Mom, and Me
(I am two sizes smaller even if you can't tell. That outfit is from my yr2000 collection)

Gettin' Ready to Blow!

Al and Carl

Cliff, Ann, Cam


Our Pics of Carl's 50th Birthday Dinner! Ummmm Slow Food and Friends!
Cam models booties for RheLynn

Dad(Richard Lundy), Mom (Sandra Lundy), Charlotte Hemington, Cliff Lalonde, (Gary and Terry are a bit hidden)

Alex Lyon, Carl (in background), Cheryl Lyon, Cam, Al


Baked Russet Potatoes, Pork Chops, Chicken Breast, Salmon Shrimp and Scallops cooked on a cedar plank, and Steak

Out comes the China Plates! Slow food has no paper plates!

Sittin' on our new fancy bench that pulls out like an accordion to set up

Gathered at the table

Ummm Food!


(Upp I am looking very puffy and tired! Having fun is hard work!)


Al and Me (Lynn)

Al brings out the Cake

Carl (The Birthday Boy!)

Blowin' out the candles

Ann and Carl

Happy 50th Birthday Carl

Cliff, Carl, and Al

Gary, Terry, Charlotte, Cliff, Al and Carl
Cutting the Cake

Alex Lyon, Gary Lyon, Terry Copps, Cliff Lalonde, Ann Cowie, Al

Cam, Carl and Dad


Cam and Carl

Alex Lyon, Terry and Cheryl, Cliff and Ann, Al

Carl and Dad (Richard Lundy)

Mom(Sandra Lundy)

Cheryl Lyon

Al, Cam and Carl

Alex Lyon, Gary Lyon, Terry Copps, Charlotte Hemington, Cliff Lalond

Bachman Cummings CD. Compilation of Their favourite songs performed by Randy Bachman and Burton Cummings

DVD's and a gift certificate from Lynn

Steve Wozniak's Biography, "IWoz" from Gary, Cheryl, Alex and Pamela

Hunt For Red October movie
from Al

Birch Bark Canoes with Animal Totems on them from Cliff and Ann

Plus Rum from Cliff and Ann

A Shirt From Tere Altuna

Carl's Birthday Haul

A Little Dinner Talk- try looking at it-it is awaiting YouTube approval

Crabitat In The Livingroom

Thanks for Looking at Everything


RheLynn said...

Cam's expression is priceless as he models those 'toe socks' ;) It does look a great gathering - but the kind of hot and busy day that might leave you feeling drained instead of relaxed. I love your garden decorations - the masks and shields! Plus there is just an amazing amount of variety to your plants!

Sheena said...

You have some of EVERYTHING in your garden! It's lovely! I'm so hungry now after seeing all that good food you guys had at the party!

Mother of Invention said...

Wow, Lynn! You sure know how to do up a 50th! Nice spread...and I would have had to cheat on my diet on that delicious-looking cake!

Happy 50th, Carl! You're just a young pup! (My husband's 54 1/2!)