Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day In Peterborough!

Well Sunday (Father's Day) ended a fanny-tastic weekend!

Amber could not come to the party, as she had a lot of work to do for her thesis, and Friday(when we traveled) was sample gathering day for her.

I really missed her this weekend. When she is not around I am the only girl in our little family.

When we all went to Peterborough to drop Alex off, he treated us to a Father's Day dinner at the Olde Stone Inn and Brewery.

Al and Amber

Carl and Me
(do I look less puffy today?)

Cam and Carl

Al had the Burger, Carl and Cam had Fish and Chips

Amber had Thai Noodles

And I fudged a diet-ish meal out of two appetizers:
Plain Chicken Wings and a Salad.
I didn't eat the carrots.

I was going to erase this pic.....but then I thought the hand movement looked cool.

Back at the apartment Candy kitty was the primary attention.

Kitty paw

Another one I was going to erase and thought better of it.

Candy found some paper to crunch on!

Candy saying Goodbye to us as we were leaving


RheLynn said...

Candy is cute as always and it looks like everyone enjoyed a good meal! I would of taken the carrots if I'd been there, at least, some of them ;) That's a lot of carrots!

Amber's Thai noodles sound really good! It makes me wonder what flavours would be in it!

chase said...

Lovely photos and you guys look great and really had a blast. The food you got there is amazing and it makes my mouth water!

Kate said...

I love the wee paw sticking out from under the couch. Candy is an adorable cat! It looks as if the food was good and the company fun!

TorAa said...

Oh that Candy stole my heart.

Teena said...

I'm going to have to check out the Olde Stone Inn and Brewery. You've been there before, right?

Good for you for hanging tough and not eating too badly. I would have totally been a pig!

That kitty is just way too cute!

Mother of Invention said...

Looks like fabulous food and the whole day! Candy is still a sweetie!
You do look less puffy.