Monday, July 10, 2006

Alex's 20th Birthday Weekend,

Well it seems like Alex's Birthday and BBQ bash in our heavenly garden with floating candles in the waterfall pool, and tiki torches everywhere was a hit! A mix of Military guys, select ole High School friends, and the Fall The Loss crowd.

Learned a few things though.......
One.......I honestly never thought of Remy Martin high end Congnac as the kinda booze one would bring to a party......upp I was wrong.
What do I know? Like Rob Said, "Your Mom is a Tequilla Woman, straight shots!"
I am proud of those days long past.

At this party:
There was Remi, Schmirnof Ice, A few beers that ended in "ite" (blue lite, etc)
Bacardi Black (rum that smells awesome and rich)
And a few small packs of fancier beer.
The only 2-4's (cases of 24) were a 24 of bottled water, and a 24 of Cola.
All and all for a party of about 30 people, a very cheap drunk. Gone are the days that folks would come with two 2-4's of beer each. The young of today are showin up the old for sure. I see alot of 40 and 50 something parties where the guys still bring two 2-4's each to the bash. And it is called a Bash for a reason. Old drunks are nasty, and very ugly drunks.

Food... You know I think they went through like 40 burgers and 20 hotdogs, and a cake(that our hand held phone ended up wearing.) All food was eaten.

When I was young and not a legal drinker I had really bad stomach troubles so I never drank, and I was always the DD. Which was fine. I liked having control of the whole Magic Bus.
Then I got my stomach troubles taken care of. (it is amazing how many parts of you function eventhough their partnering organs are removed) When I was able to drink I drank only straight shots of Tequilla, and only Jose Quervo brown or gold colour. Seems I am allergic to Suzca. Tried the clear Tequilla of that name and broke out in the worst case of hives.

I always enjoyed my couple of shots and I was happy. Never been a huge drinker. Way too much of a control freak to ever want to be out of control in a crowd of other out of control folks.
I am proud of the fact that I have never drank enough, that I don't remember events, and am very aware of absolutely anything that happened. Which also can be bad.....cuz that means I would get embarassed by folks behavior and get pissed off with them and have to end up the "Mother" in my group of peers. Always the one holdin someone by the hair as they wretched over the toilet. Always the one hydrating the stupid.( my son Cameron is taking over my roll in his peer group, I have noticed)

Now I can't drink at all. Once I became the menopausal wonder, every time I drink even a sip of alcohol my neck, chest, and face go beeming red and get burning hot. The feeling is very uncomfortable, and way not worth one sip of alchohol. Takes all the fun out of having a glass of wine, or a nice cooler. Which also means as I am older I no longer have the tolerance to be the "Mother" of the group, so I don't party. Now I drink no alchohol coolers or diet pop, or water. My favourite drink at a party is expresso. My vice now is fancy coffee. I spent my "booze" money on a very nice DeLongi expresso unit.

And Two........three girls on one lawn chair is heavy enough to crumple it. Even if they all look like waifs.
Are there Pictures? Yep I believe there are. I will just have to wait till the girls send them to me......aaahhhhhemm! Mags. :)
Funniest thing that I know happened crowd of folks brought freezies. That was cool. So if they didnt get drunk they could get a huge sugar buzz. When I was twenty I would have brought freezies too.....andTequilla. Cake, Coke, and Freezies........yeah there was a huge sugar buzz. Probably most of the behavior came from the sugar for sure.

And Three.......Only the very special folks from the twenty-something crowd come to parties that have food. The dregs don't crash BBQs which is very fine. A few of my son's old high school buddies never did show up. I kinda figure that they figured it was gonna be boring cuz there would be no drugs. Or they only attend parties where the TVs and china cabinets are turned around for safety reasons, and the parents are away on vacation. In my day those parties ended with high school. Once most were old enough to go to the bar (age 18 in Canada when I was a teen, and age 19 in Ontario now, 18 in other Provinces) that kinda crap never happened.

Carl and I stepped out to gaze a Johnny Depp in the Pirates of the Carribean for a few hours.
When we returned the party was at the chatting point. Seemed there were no sick Louis or Gals that stripped whence inebriated, and no fights. Two lawn chairs had disintigrated (predictable, they're old) from over piling of folks upon ones lap; and half the folks were in th screening room runnin loop of the last Fall The Loss concert. The rest were in the garden huggin eachother and extending their birthday wishes and were in the "we are on our way to walk home" edging toward the gate slowly, goodbye conversations.

Oh the reminiscent days of twenty-some-odd. Eventhough these "kids" were noticably inebriated there were no drivers who drank, most walked, or planned ahead to take my Magic Bus home. The group was very respectful of our stuff. And there was no damage to my gardens and no glass was smashed, and as the sun set, the music went down to a whisper. The worst thing was about 6 paper plates that didnt make it to the trash. Even our bathrooms are in great shape! Folks refilled the toilet paper rolls and everything.

The only job I had to do with crowd control is to discourage a few of the drunken young men not to partake in a 2AM adventure of Parcour (not sure if I spelled it correct).
I have a vague idea of the origin of Parcour. Parcour is a "sport" which started in, I believe the Soviet Union. Teens would climb urban structures freestyle. It involves running, gymnastics, and acrobatics. Urban concrete, steel and wood structures are used as tools to accomplish some funky feets. The tricks always remind me of skateboard stunts without the wheels.

Alot of the folks that come to the Fall The Loss shows in Toronto partake in a bit of Parcour after the show. Country folk who are very atheletic cannot be held back from climbin and running in the concrete jungle before they head back to the farm country. It is fun to watch them. A few can climb like monkeys. One of the guys was here one afternoon and he scaled my 60ft maple tree in about 20 seconds. I yelled up! "While your up there can you do some pruning?" He yelled down, "That would require me to do work up here........I don't think I can do that...haha"

So back to the real life. And now my Son is 20-something, and I am.......whaaa! Old!


Baleboosteh said...

Happy Birthday to Alex!
Sounds like you guys had a blast!

Lynn said...

Phusion said...

Hi, stumbled on your blog and read you had stomach troubles as a kid.. I'm 23 and I've had horrible nausia for years, sometimes to the point of throwing up when I wake up.. what did you have removed or done to fix?

2:53 PM

Lynn said...

Dear Phusion,

The things that can be wrong with the stomach can be broad. It also depends on if you are female or male, and the cultural history of your family. If you want to ask longer questions and get more detailed answers you can email me. I tried to contact you through your site, but your email is not regularly available.

9:48 AM

charles ravndal said...

Happy Bday to Alex! And regarding to what you said on my blog. Yes, Canadians are nice. I just forgot to mention it there as well but I added it now.. heheheh.. That will be nice if you know someone who is single... Anyway, I have been thinking if you want a blogmakeover or something soon...

charles ravndal said...

Happy Bday to Alex! And regarding to what you said on my blog. Yes, Canadians are nice. I just forgot to mention it there as well but I added it now.. heheheh.. That will be nice if you know someone who is single... Anyway, I have been thinking if you want a blogmakeover or something soon...

RennyBA said...

First of all Happy Birthday to Alex and greetings from Norway!
I came to your blog from your comment at Charles' blog and thought I should say Hi. Have a great week ahead:-)

Lynn said...

Phusion has left a new comment on your post "7/10/2006 11:27:00 AM":

Thanks for the reply Lynn, sorry my email isn't readily available on my site, but I get enough spam as it is! hehe..
Thanks to Alex for the kind words about my site, I enjoy minimalist design as well. As for my stomach, I suppose I can talk at length with you over email

Lynn said...

Thanks rennyBA,

Enjoy your Summer Days!

Mother of Invention said...

Hi! yes, we're all feeling a tad older when you compare to kids, me mostly with kids I've taught who are married with kids....and teach their kids!!!
I'll look over more of your blog but just did a brief sweep..lots here! Nice to see another Cdn blog! So many are American.