Thursday, July 06, 2006

You will not find these posts on the front page of my Blog these days.
I take part in a writing group and these are the pieces that I submit as per the parameters of the task.
If you are a good sleuth you found them in the sidebar.
I hope you enjoy the pieces.

We will call these: The Amy Papers

The Continuing Saga of Schmirlock Bones and Dr. Winsome

When last we saw the Super Forensic Sleuths, they were in the Grand Salon of Casa Loma with all of the suspects…….

Gathered around the large round meeting table in the Grand Salon was everyone who was in the Castle at the time Courtney Loveyface was found dead, hanging upside-down from the foyer balcony railing, swinging from a short rope tied to her right ankle.

Close to the garden window sat Maiden Marion the primary housekeeper. Her tall stature was being muted as she slumped in her chair. She was pale and quite distraught over her Lady’s death. Schmirlock watched her closely as she looked like exhaustion was overcoming her, and her eyes were fighting sleep.

At the area of the table closer to the Billiard Room doors was Kevin Heart-throb Steel. He was restless and kept getting up from the table and pacing, like he had a secret and was tormented about whether to tell it. He’d stand up and pace, then look at everyone and then sit down. Most believed he knew something and that is why his ADD was getting the better of them today. If it was he who did it there would be no NASCAR races for him to win in prison.

Schmirlock slid over on the bench they shared and whispered something into Dr. Winsom’s ear.
In a response, Dr. Winsome looked down at his blazer pocket and patted it with his hand in a gesture of assurance that the item in question was in his pocket.

Caroline Compington sat nearer the fireplace. Her face was like stone, showing no emotion at all.
With a guarded stare she viewed each of the players in this criminal show. Her back perfectly straight and her head held high, she seemed so inconvenienced.

The twins Keri, and Carry, were sitting across from each other. Like that was the absolute farthest away from each other they could get within the confines of the table. The looks they gave each other were pure hate. The rumour was one betrayed the other just after arriving at the Castle and they had been at each other’s throats since the incident.

Schmirlock Bones stood up to address the group.
“After our thorough investigation Dr. Winsome and myself have learned some very interesting things.”

Everyone became suddenly uneasy at the start of this conversation.

“Dr. Winsome learned from Maiden Marion that the reason Keri and Carry are ready to kill each other is because of one man. Seems they both fancied this guy, and he lead them both on. Keri thought the man was all for her, and Carry here thought that the man was all for him.” As he patted Carry on the shoulder. “It was only when Keri and Carry arrived here for their holiday, did they realise they both had met the same man. It was revealed in a shocking uncovering when per chance they ran into him here.” Said Schmirlock.

Tears welled up in Keri’s eyes.

Dr. Winsome broke in, “ It seems that Miss Courtney Loveyface was already dead before she was laced up to the banister. I found smudges of makeup on the side of her cheek that didn’t belong to her, and there was a distinctive thumbprint bruise near her ear, along her neck. Seeing Miss Loveyface had no makeup on at the time I concluded that the makeup was a cross transference from another woman she struggled with.”

Kevin drew a deep breath and sighed, this meant he was no longer a suspect.

Schmirlock cut in, “Even though it was well known that in the tabloids there were claims that Caroline Compington and Courtney have been at lager-heads over their last business venture together, the truth is that Caroline and Courtney were having a very passionate affair.”

Caroline was not amused by this reveal. She looked daggers at Schmirlock for revealing her secret.

Schmirlock made his final analysis of the crime. “Courtney Loveyface was using Caroline Compington. Courtney knew Caroline loved her very much. Courtney decided to use that passion Caroline had, for Courtney’s own gain. The final straw was when Caroline refused to bemuse Courtney in a three-way trist with her other lover. Whereas Caroline was devastated to find out about this mystery man…….She was not as broken as the man was, by the sudden involvement of Caroline as a third party; for Courtney was using him as well.”

Keri shot daggers from her eyes at her brother! She knew he was involved somehow, but she would have never guessed…..that!

Suddenly Maiden Marion crumpled to the floor in a faint.

“Got it Winsome?” Yelled Schmirlock.

“All right here.” Dr. Winsome replied as he pulled the syringe out of his pocket.

“When we were upstairs we noticed someone had removed the bottle of sleeping pills from Miss Loveyface’s night stand. We were prepared for this.” Interjected Schmirlock Bones.

Dr. Winsome revived Maiden Marion and injected her with adrenaline. “That should do her, she will be fine.”

“Ah but she won’t”, said Schmirlock. “ For Yesterday when we were in the Conservatory I noticed that the makeup she wears is the same as the makeup rubbed onto Miss Loveyface. I made a few calls to confirm my suspicions.”

With that, Schmirlock swiped down his hand and caught Maiden Marion by the hair. Pulling off an elaborate wig.

Keri screamed at her brother, “You Bastard!” And ran from the room. Carry was frozen. He couldn’t even breathe.

“Maiden Marion is the famous transvestite Marty Combs. Mr Combs is a wonderful confidence man. He was controlling Keri, and Carry, Caroline, and Courtney, getting all of the attention he wanted. But Courtney knew that he hated being a man and gave him an ultimatum, to go all boy or not continue to see Courtney any longer. Marty didn’t want to be found out. His whole scheme was dependent upon having two identities. He also knew that Carry would eventually find out he was a woman at heart and Marty would lose all hope to stay with his true love, Carry.” Schmirlock moved in and cuffed Maiden Marion, aka Marty Combs.

“Everything depended on Marty’s secret not being revealed. He needed to make sure Courtney didn’t tell. So he sent Courtney a note saying ‘I need to see you tonight’ and signed it ‘Caroline’. Certain Courtney would come. He waited in the hall outside of Caroline’s room. He hid in the shadows. When Courtney came around the corner he pinned her against the door jam and strangled her ‘till she was dead.”

Later that night when all the paperwork was finished with and the Police took away the guilty Schmirlock and Dr. Winsome headed back to their pad.

Dr Winsome noticed an envelope on the silver tray, upon the hall table.

He opened it, and read it and said, “Looks like we have another one old chum…….Our attendance is requested as soon as possible to Portwright Manner by the Earl that resides there.” Dr. Winsome recites part of the letter. “Due to the raven that follows him wherever he goes, a young man is convinced something terrible is about to happen….”

Schmirlock gazes at Dr. Winsome and comments, “Terrible, indeed.”

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