Saturday, July 15, 2006

Magic In The Grotto

The Goddess Glows

To Awaken The Faeries

Join me in the Garden
Come with me tonight
If you believe..........
You can see them

Notice the silken trails of the Goddess gown
Flowing in the trees
As her silk brushes the cheek of each Faerie they rise

Her calling to the party
A gentle wind will blow
Watch the Faerie wings flutter like orbs
To and fro

Not Faeries you say!
Spirits you want to believe
Well believe what you must
In my world Spirit and Faeries are one
Such as I

I am the Spirit
Do you see the Goddess looking out through my eyes?

Dance around the firelight
Pixies coming too
Can you see them? Can you hear them?
Stay quiet in the Grotto

The Goddess lives in here
As the warmth of the flames kiss you
She whispers in your ear

I let you have the Grotto
A gift from me to you
My Faeries will live in your flowers
And the Pixies will protect the dew

You must honour life
If you wish to keep it
And revel in the garden

You too must dance around the firelight
Embrace the flame
Look out to the Goddess
Call her name

Do you see the Ghosts and Faeries and Pixies in the photographs?
Look again........tell me what you see?



RheLynn said...

You must honour life
If you wish to keep it
And revel in the garden
Very nice.

Lynn said...

Thanks Rhelynn,

Sometimes I get blessed with a profound thought.

Osquer said...

*satisfied sigh* Thank you. I really needed that tonight.

Osquer said...

p.s. May I put a link to your site on my blog?

Lynn said...

Dear Osquer42,

I would be honoured.
I have you on my blog list.
Recently I put my list on its own honorary page.
It is a leap of organization on my part.
I am really trying to grow in my blogging skill with my margin. LOL

Lynn said...

It must be the day or something.
I have been having weird Deja Vu.
I came home tonight thinking that I really needed to see the comments today too. Weird......

I just saw "The Lake House". Even that story had a Deja Vu quality. A few lines I remembered from somewhere else......

When I was trucking I listened to a book on tape a day. Maybe I heard the story, but it had a different name in book form.

I think I need to dust off my trucking photos. Affectionately known as, "The World From My Small Window"

I think I need to tell you some of the most amazing places I have seen on our continent. Places where Man was never meant to walk.

Sigh....I am feeling very small today for some reason.

Does this mean the big world is calling out to me again?