Monday, July 03, 2006

Monday, Monday

Well this weekend has been quite nice. Weather-wise it has not been quite nice, but event-wise it has been a peach.

I had to celebrate my birthday belated because Cameron’s High School Graduation was the same day as my birthday.
So we celebrated on Saturday.

Friday night my friend Cheryl showed up at the door with an Edible Arrangement for me. A gift for my birthday and for doing a French Manicure on her daughter’s nails for her graduation at the beginning of the week.

Well I had only seen the arrangements from Edible Arrangements in flyers that they sent in the mail.

I was enthralled by this yummy gift. I asked Cheryl if she and her family would join our family on Saturday night to have cake and the edible arrangement. The Arrangement had melon and pineapple, strawberries, grapes and cantelope, and it was delicious. I am hoping Dad will send me the pictures he took so I can post them. Cuz of course, I forgot to take photos on my birthday. Yeah Dad!

Ahh Dad! I knew you'd come through! Here are some pics from my Birthday! Now ain't that something edible!?

On and off all weekend Carl and I were in the gardens. We still haven’t finished this year’s transformation of the foliage, as we have been plagued by bad storms every day. The rain has helped any weeding I need to do, cuz I can pull out the weeds by hand when the soil is wet. We are very behind in the gardening though. Normally we have everything done by now. So I decided to take photos of the garden and house reguardless.

We got the Grotto finished today. Carl had to completely empty the ponds for the waterfall this year. I think this is our fourth year with the grotto. I have changed the waterfall design every year, and this year is no exception. The hardest part is that I am quite lame this year and I really need a lot of help with the gardens and the pond. My neck really is not too good when I try to do things like balance bent over, or lift things while bent over. I always make a try and then I have to give in to my pain and stop.

Everything I do I have to do as close to the action as I possibly can get. I can’t crawl or kneel or bend where my spine may take on a lot of torque. The minute I do I will set my migraines off, so I have to sit or huddle really close to the work. So I can move like three beach rocks, plant a flower, or pull a few weeds.

I feel really bad for my family, cuz they are now saddled with all the gardening work I started years ago. They are real troopers.

Carl goes out and does his absolute best to not kill me as I nagger at him trying to explain what I used to do. When Carl can’t help, then Alex and Cam do their best to help. They never complain about mowing, but Cam hates digging, and Al would rather build things than help me set rocks in The Grotto.

I am going to make it up to the boys though. Saturday Alex wants to have a big party for his birthday. So I will deck out the garden with Tiki fire lanterns and great tunes for the crowd.

This will be the first party with Band folk, old high school friends, military buds all together at one party. Oh it could be interesting…… I think we also will end up with a big sleepover. Or I will end up driving the Magic Bus at 4 in the morning.

Welcome to my garden, and my home in Canada
The garden gate will open for our guests.
Each flower planted with love, and treats for nature's pets.
Colours, green and red and yellow under skies so blue and mellow.

Quiet gentle breezes when we sit aside The Grotto.
Can you he
ar the faeries in the flowers?
Sprites and Gnomes play around the fire as we
hear the crickets sing.

Watch quietly for the chipmunk family, come to steal dinner.
Up high you'll see the Kestril perched above and watching over.

In eventide you'll spy the bats flying through the gardens.
Picking away the mosquitos and flies that are around.

Sweet friends will join us in our Garden.
Tea time in The Grotto.

I hope you enjoy these few seconds of the song of The Grotto

(click the big arrow in the middle of the video to hear the waterfall)


Lynn said...

My friend Laurie asked me in email about The Grotto. I decided that you all might be interested in how I did it too, so I have posted a copy of part of my letter to her here:
The pond is stand-alone. There are actually two pumps in it.
Normally we have a fancy fountain look to it too, but that pump isn’t strong enough this year. Or at least isn't till I have the guts to rip the pump from all the zap straps the cord is held in place with and figure out why it isn't spraying. In the past (the part is worn out) we have had a mist effect and a red light in the water so the pond looks like a volcano. If I can get a new part I will put that back in.
We created a heavy-duty extension cord with shock protectors that goes right to the back corner of the yard.
There is a waterproof box attached to the fence behind the bush with two shock protector double outlets in it. The heavy duty outdoor electrical wire is attached all along the fence and back to the boxed outlet by the back door, and I put a three prong heavy duty plug on that end and plugged it in.
I have to fill one or both parts of the pond with water about every 2 -3 days. I got the pond bases and pumps as a kit from Walmart. They are PVC plastic. I created a hill, then I set one so it spills into the other. The kit comes with a waterfallish piece you attach the hose of the pump to that makes the waterfall. The most expensive part is the rocks.
I arranged the rocks to hide the plastic parts and I added in dollar store floaty animals and decorative animals. The Buddhas around the yard are from Winners, and the clay masks I got from Bradford Greenhouse. We take the masks and stepping-stones (not out yet) in each winter. We also empty the pond and remove the pumps and mess up the rocks and cover it for winter.
I put Tiki bamboo lanterns on big poles out too. I will take a couple of shots on the weekend at night so you can see the effect.

RheLynn said...

very nice lilies and roses you have - some beautiful pictures as well!

I listened to the Grotto -- it does sound beautiful. My DH Mr.J and I used to like to go to LaPrarie Dam (I'll email you a map) and listen to the water rushing in out of the resevoir all the way down the rocks until it rejoined the other lake. It was breathtaking - and so natural there, because even though there is a cement dam on one side, the rest of the landscape looks just like a glacier went through yesterday.

There was was one rock in particular you could lay on - big! and flat -- the water would just lap the sides of it and you would feel like you were floating on the surface of the river.

Lynn said...

Thanks for the comment Rhelynn. I got the email. I will go to one of the more powerful computers in the house and see if I can find it on Google Earth too.
My computer is great for me and my normal uses, but Google Earth doesn't do well on it.
Alex will let me look on his for sure!


Baleboosteh said...

Hi Lynn,
Wow, you have a beautiful garden, everything looks so lush and green.
I'd love to see the pics of this edible arrangement! Sounds very interesting!
Thanks for stopping by my blog, your comment is very much appreciated, I have added you to my blog roll so I can 'keep an eye on you'!! - Don't want to miss the edible arrangement pics :)
Warm regards Danielle

Lynn said...

Thanks Danielle,

The pics of the the edible arrangement are now added to the post.
Dad sent them as soon as he read the blog and I added them right away.
I put green writing by them.(2 pics)

Baleboosteh said...

Hi Lynn,
My goodness!!...that looks amazing... you can eat that?? It looks too good to eat!!

Looks delicious, I love the fruit flowers, and those strawberries, yum!, what a great idea.

By the way 'HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY'

Oh and thanks to your Dad for the piccys.
Take care.