Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Bedtime Story

Sometimes you are touched by words uttered in the night..................

When you lay in your cosy bed while your Mother sits along side you. Or maybe she sits on the bed side-saddle while you huddle under your warm covers as she rubs your feet when they are swaddled in the bedclothes.

I sleep on my stomach, and my mother used to rub my back when she told me stories. Her stories were with purpose. She would tell me stories and rub my back when I wasn’t sleepy. Most times it was because I was excited about something that was going to happen soon. The other times she told me stories were when my knees would ache with growing pains. I suffered with them for my whole child and teenagedhood. She would rub my knees, warming them, and soothing the unimaginable pain I had as a young girl. In either case my mother’s touch and stories always comforted me.

Dreams are fuelled by the bedtime story. Always the hero and the villain characters struggle to the end of that story. Every story has a moral teaching. Whether it is to always be good, or to look at the regular world with a more fair eye.

As children our imaginations are stimulated by the story. Those stories may start the wheels in motion to create the imaginative artisan, or develop the staunch moralist, or move the next inventor or screenwriter.

Children are sponges that take in information and use it as they must. Dreams make us what we become as adults, and experience is the result of following the dream.

Is there anything other than the famous “American Dream” that pushes North Americans to become more than they hoped for? I believe yes.

I believe the child’s dream is the true fuel of success. For in our childhood we are moved to explore everything in our world. We form opinions of what we like and don’t like. We find our heroes to mimic, and we create our imaginary worlds when we play. Play is like work. For in play we create our pecking order, and we work out problems that life poses upon us children. The dreamer in us sets goals from which we build the foundation of our life as we live it today.

Once upon a time there was a boy.
He was a very quiet boy.
He was always reading.
When he became a teenager he could not exist in the world he was in because it was not stimulating enough. So he was bound to create a world that could temper his mind and stimulate his soul just enough for satisfaction.

When he was a very young man he needed to open his world to others. He needed to share the worlds within his mind so those who were not easily stimulated would also be satisfied.

As he became older and had a family he was compelled to create a world which he could share with his children.

As they lay in bed he shared a tale.

Can you imagine a story that could be told to you, as the adult you are today, that could capture your soul? The same as the ones you heard as you Mother sat along side you, when you were wrapped tightly in your bedding, so cosy and warm.

There is one story. One that will stimulate the faith of the regular man, and will draw him into a world where he has great purpose, and can see the importance of everyone in this mean world of ours. It will take each of us to place where we weep uncontrollably yet feel so fulfilled and satisfied. You must take the journey. If you do not you will miss the story that explains YOUR life.

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If you go see it please leave a comment. But only tell how it made you feel. We must swear to not give one tidbit of the plot to the unknowing ones.



Lynn said...

I have never been to a movie at which I sobbed to the point my body vibrated with emotion as well.
It is not a sad sob it is an awakening sob.
Carl could barely keep composed as we left the theatre.
Every person that is just an average and solitary one in this big world will be reassured of faith and purpose when they see this movie, and hear this bedtime story.

chumly said...

I am getting more and more interested in this movie. If I go I will let you know. When I was a kid I swore my mother was Mother Goose because she knew all the stories. She was Irish and what a story teller she was.

RennyBA said...

I saw the trail and felt:
1: Terrified and are afraid to meet my dreams tonight and
2: I just have to see this movie!

Could I please ask you a favour? I’m nominated to Bloggs of Summer and it would be nice if you bring all your friends over to vote:-)

Lynn said...


This is not a horror movie. It is a dramatic story that has a few shocking surprises.

I believe folks go to this movie expecting a horror.

Remember how creepy signs was? It is creepy like that.

In some ways the movie is funny. It shows us our ordinariousness, and how a bunch of odd ball people can make a family.

You will find yourself talking to the characters as you view the movie.

Lynn said...


Funny you should mention bloggs of summer. I was showing my son the work Charles did on your site today.

My son noticed the blogs of summer flagged on your blog.

I will give you a plug.