Thursday, July 20, 2006

Oh Let’s Eat At CW Coops!

Tuesday was a big night for CW Coops!
They opened their Aurora, Ontario location, and they are ready to serve you!

What is CW Coops? You Say…..

It is Ontario’s awesome Chicken Wing and local Pub Emporium.

CW Coops has Wings. Wings, Wings, Wings, in a Bazillion (exaggerated) varieties of flavours and seasonings.

They also specialise in Taco Salads, and Wraps.
There are other sides to fair as well. They have veggies and dip, and fries, poutine, onion rings, ribs, chicken strips, and kiddie choices too.(plus more!)

This is local family meeting place.

It is located at Aurora Heights and Yonge Street in Aurora, right beside the new Shoppers Drug Mart, with easy parking. This makes it handy for families who will be at the ACC arena or at the Ball diamonds or Soccer Fields, so groups and teams can meet for a treat!

In a rush between games......gettem' to go!

With it being on the way to and from the St. Andrews Golf Club, folks can enjoy a quick meal and a cool beverage before or after the game.

How do we know about it?

About a year ago, Fall The Loss started to have their weekly Monday, after band practice, meeting there.
Many a song was discussed at the Holland Landing location. (Old Yonge St. and Thompson.)
The guys like this venue a lot.
CW Coops is the restaurant that fits the poor musicians’ budget.
They could load up on some good wings and veggie sticks and a few soda pops while discussing their next big dream.

If Fall The Loss goes there, so do their families.
We support who Fall The Loss supports.

It is all about givin’ back. The guys get treated really well by the folks at CW Coops. Deanna has always taken the time to find out what Fall The Loss is all about, and make the guys feel special every Monday. There is nothin’ like home-town support when you are the “little guys” tryin to make it big!

CW Coops is a licensed facility. They serve COLD beverages.

(Upp! Caught Carl doin the chicken dance!)

Tuesday the Tuckers went to CW Coops in Aurora. Wings and Fries and a few veggies to munch! That is good eatin’ !

Carl had a Rickards Red on Tap, and Al had one too. I had a Cherry Citrus Fresca.
That was my first of that new flavour.
The fries were crispy on the outside and tender inside.
The Honey Pineapple Wings I ate were great, and the Guys’ Medium BBQ wings were delectable!

(Joy, Erin, and Deanna)
The Friendly Girls of CW Coops, Aurora

The Girls at CW Coops are friendly. They go out of their way to help out if you don’t know what the ingredients for the wing flavours are.

In Holland Landing ‘everybody knows your name’ when you enter CW Coops. Let’s make Aurora the same! Make CW Coops your family hang out today!



RennyBA said...

Thanks for sharing - looks like a fun, grand opening. I sorry though, we don't have CW Coops in Norway :-(

charles ravndal said...

OOhh I envy you. I havent seen any restaurants here that serves real chicken.. i mean like in KFC or something like that as well.

chumly said...

I love wings. How far is it from Dunmore, Pa to Canada?

Lynn said...

Hey Charles,
I could send you some, but I think they wouldn't get through customs.

Lynn said...

Hehe Chumly,

I will consult my ole truckers atlas to tell you how many miles exactly.

charles ravndal said...

Yeah since the customs here are a bit paranoid as well