Friday, July 14, 2006

Heaven In The Garden Of Eden

I finally took the time to use the macro setting on my camera.

I have gone wild in the garden trying to see my flowers from a different point of view

I snapped a crazy bee, a few crazy flies, a crazy hornet, and the guilty beetle that has been chewing my Lilies.

I will show you my new chick style ( that is chick, not chic) downspout that I jerry-rigged so the water no longer pours into my basement via the window well.
It may not match too well now. Perhaps I will paint it camo.

I really wanted to see my flowers up close and personal.
I like seeing fir on the flowers. Now Thats! close!
It feels like the rain is forcing them to bloom too fast.

Rain drops………..

Today the photos will be their own poetry.


Merci Beaucoup
C'est Fini



chumly said...

Beautiful flowers and a beautiful then a lesson in life. Made my mid morning sleeplessness.

RennyBA said...

Not only do you have a great macro setting camera - you're a great photografer too. Thanks for sharing this wonderful pictures!
Have a great end to your week too:-)

RheLynn said...

gorgeous - the orange lily and all the insects, great captures.

Lynn said...

Thanks for the comment RennyBA. I like the macro now too. Alex encouraged me to use it. He gave me a quick, "Remember Mom you need to click the little flower for macro....Don't zoom in, get closer instead."
The Lynn Tucker secret of photography is not so much skill as volume. Take hundreds of pictures and then there will guaranteed to be a few nice ones! This never worked out too well before digital. Processing was expensive.

Lynn said...

Thanks RheLynn,

The orange lilies are having their first blooming season for me this year. It has been quite a surprise to get these beauties because I could not remember what colour lilies I planted.

The really dark two toned orange one looks like an asian one. I like the sharp edges.

I have no fresia this year. I am known for planting them. But this year the spring was late here and I never got to plant any fresia bulbs.

Those bulbs that we plant in the spring are hit and miss here if spring is late coming.

charles ravndal said...

Your garden is fabulous! The pictures of your flowers are really gorgeous! Must be in heaven there

Baleboosteh said...

Beautiful photos lynn!

Mother of Invention said...

So beautiful! Just the dewdrop pics I needed to go with my post on roses!! What pixels do you have? I think I only have 4!

Lynn said...

Believe it or not I have a 2.0 megapixel camera.
Not fancy. I think my camera phone has that much as well.
I havent shown camera phone shots, cuz I honestly haven't opened the USB adaptor box for it yet. Don't even ask me how long the box has been sitting there. The answer is embarassing.
I took alot of pics. I find using the macro with flash will enhance the droplettes. Like I keep preaching. For me it isn't skill as much as volume. Take enough pics of the same thing and one will turn out really awesome! LOL

Mother of Invention said...

I don't even know what you mean by macro!!???

Osquer said...

Wonderful! Are the white flowers with the yellow centers daisies or daisy mums? Whichever, they are amazing! Gotta love that macro setting!

Lynn said...

Hi Osquer42

They are Daisies. I will check in the daylight the kind. Hopefully the plastic card is still in the ground.
I think they are shasta daisies, but I may be wrong.

I am thinking of Mum leaves. I believe I have two sets of Daisy Mums but they have petite heads almost like Camomile.

Lynn said...

Dear Mother,

Well Macro is a setting that allows the camera to focus at a faster rate. (all photogs can correct me, cuz I am intelligently guessing)
Aparently the setting will allow one to focus on an item close to the lense. No zooming necessary.
Macro also lets you see a wider view of the closer thing. I believe that is where the word Macro derives from.
In the days before digital I imagined a Macro lens on a 35mm camera being slightly more convex than an average lens.
On my Canon A60 the Macro button is denoted by a tulip siloutte.
I love photographic memories but I am not technical at all. (I am a technical guesser)