Monday, August 07, 2006

Baby Bunny Comes To Visit

I believe that we actually had two bunnies in the backyard.

The day seemed to be one for all the babies of the garden to venture a little farther from Mom and Dad.

Baby bunnies and baby birds.
The baby birds were practicing their swoops and landings in the garden.

I have two videos for you to see, and a bunch of stills of one of "The Twins"
There are twin bunny babies.

You can click on any of these photos to get a larger view. Just remember to back-page out of the pic to get back to the blog.

Baby Bunny Videos:

(Click on the arrow in the centre of the video and it will play.)



Mother of Invention said...

Poor thing wouldn't last long in our yard...our cats would hunt it down! She brought a live chipmunk in the other day!

Jules said...

CUTE bunnies! My girls would love them in our yard, but the sweet little boys next door would probably love them to death - literally. We used to have baby quails, they all died shortly after the boys discovered they hatched. Guard those babies!

Lynn said...

Even when whe had a dog the bunny family was around. We have had the descendants of this family since 1990. This is only the second time there have been more than one baby. Our first year here they Mommy Rabbit made her nest in the middle of the lawn. She had three that year.
We didnt let the dog out back for about 2 weeks. Then the rabbit finally moved the babies to under the side steps.

Lynn said...

They family hangs out between our house and our neighbours on each side. We all watch out for them.
We feed them cabbage and carrots, but a great array of columbine, and every flower my poor neighbour has.
Seems her flowers taste much better than ours.

RheLynn said...

Great capture, in photo and video! You sure had an active bunny -- almost bouncing off the walls, maybe he was lost? I saw quite a few large rabbits in Minnesota when we visited too.

Lynn said...

Nice to hear you are back.
Did all fair well?
We have had a family of bunnies living here since we moved in in 1990.
We catch the twin babies playin in the yard. They run like that all over. Sometimes they bounce straight up like Tigger just to play.
We and our neighbours do our best to keep them safe.