Monday, August 28, 2006

Oh cruddy day!

I am just touching base.
I have had an overwhelming day.

Alex and Carl arrived home on Sunday, from Vigilant Guardian.
Alex planned to go back to Peterborough today.

Sunday night Amber phoned and said her Mom was in a coma. Wendy had been taken off all her meds and her feeding tube last Tuesday. Only for her heart being so strong, has she survived till today.

So Alex had to go crazy today because instead of heading back to his apartment to prepare this week to go back to school, he had to drop off all his stuff at the apartment, plus pick up some clothes for Amber, and then drive to Ottawa.

Carl and I decided to go in our other car to help Alex unload at his apartement only to undertake a second long drive which will be 31/2 hours from Peterborough to Ottawa.

So today Carl, Me and Alex had to cram a weeks worth of stuff into one day.

Here is the rundown:

1)cancel student loan appmt at bank for next Saturday and get it for 10AM this morning.
2)goto Walmart-out of toilet paper
3)Al goes to Futureshop with new student loan to buy laptop computer for course.
4)Pack cars with all Al's computer stuff, army gear, books, clothes, and some cheap food that was on sale at Walmart.
5)drive 2 hrs to Peterborough in two cars.
6)Arrive at Peterborough apartment only to find College did not send orientation package.
7)rush to college to make inquiries, wait in line for 1/2 hr, get orientation package and connection # just in case Al cannot attend first day because of a death
8)go back to apartment in Peterborough to seek out superintendant to deal with two pr0perty issues
9)go eat at Swiss Chalet, phone Amber, and Wendy is still alive
10) we had 2 hrs drive back to Newmarket, Al heads out 3 hrs drive in other direction to go to Ottawa

Al was stressed. Basically his future Mother-in-law will pass away in the next days, and school is unorganized for both he and Amber. And his new job contract requires him to take his laptop to Ottawa so he can work between the funeral arrangements.

No hugs from us are big enough to cope with all this he and Amber will endure.


Anonymous said...

My heart is with you all. Poor Wendy.
She was very lucky to have you, Lynn, for a support person during her transplant journey, and Amber has been a wonderful and loving daughter to stay by her side when the new lungs couldn't work anymore.
In the grand scheme of transplantation Wendy will have taught the medical team much and will have helped pave the way for future recipients. I only wish she could have been one of the "long termers".


Lynn said...

Wendy was given only months to live before her transplant. She has been blessed with 2 yrs after. She saw her older daughter graduate nursing school, and her younger graduate high school, and receive 3 full yrs of scholarship. She got to visit family out west, and she saw her older daughter become a bride.
Wendy dreamed to do these things, and she fulfilled them.
She also said that if she had of qualified for a second transplant, she would have done it again.
Unfortuanately the negative side of transplant is the permanent damage the meds do to some bodies. She deteriorated for her cure. She told me in TG it was worth it. I will honour that.
Thanks Joette

Tricia said...

Wow, Lynn, you've been going through a lot in the last few days. I'm so sorry to hear about your sons future mother in law. :( That's very sad. It does sound, though, from what you've written above that she knew what she was getting into when she did the transplant, and that she had bonus time to see her children pass through some important moments in their lives.