Friday, August 18, 2006

Snakes On A Plane!
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I got to see the sneak preview last night! You got that right! I have proven my pure geekiness!

And to prove Alex's super pure geekiness, he went to Snakes On A Plane with his MOM!

We spent the hour we had to pass to ensure we got our perfect seat discussing the awesome world of Blogging. We gabbed about the new Blogger features, and talked about code!
We felt we needed to keep ourselves true to our Geekdum the whole time.

When we stopped talking code, we then went on to talk heavy metal and comics! "Hells Yeah!"

Ok for the movie.........
It is action all the way. No advertisements or previews at the beginning, action from moment one. There is awesome action while the opening credits are running. In the first 4 min of the movie the plot is laid out. The action continues to the last 2 min of the movie. The characters are well developed too.

I only jumped once in surprise. I did alot of "EEEwwwww'ing though. The hero is unexpected. There are great comedic moments too. The comedy lightens up the most intense scenes so we have a chance to get our heart rates back to normal.

If you have a snake phobia don't go see this movie. If you can handle snakes then go, go, go!
There is better action than many of the super high budget action films out there. The cast works perfectly together. There are characters you really like right off the bat, and characters you really hate right away.

You will not be disappointed! You will yell out loud at this movie. You will cheer, and people will throw snakes in the theatre. All true geeks are bringing pocket fulls of rubber snakes to throw. This movie is bound to be the next true cult classic.

Gotta wear your cowboy boots! Girls bring fucia lipstick! Chicks can sell their broken high heels to the super-cult members for good change outside the movie.(you only need one shoe with a broken heel) If you have any of those Taco Bell chiwawas hangin' around collecting dust, bring 'em. Also bring your( typical KFC) spo-orks, and olive oil.(do not throw the olive oil at anyone)
Every true fan must come wearing a luau lay. There are plenty of scenes for the audience to make props, to display at the proper moment. Once you see the movie you can come back and tell me in comments what other props can be made. I can think of 50. I was a Rocky Horror at the Roxy teen. I am way ahead of most in the prop gathering.

Goodbye Rocky Horror Picture Show.......Hello SNAKES ON A PLANE!

Here is something you need to make sure you know before you go. The burning question is:
Did you go through a pyromaniac phase when you were a kid too?

Second thing you need to know:
Ok, I want Oboth of you close your eyes really tight and hold your breath, and count very slowly to ten. Face eachother. After ten I want you to make the ugliest face you can make, then open your eyes. The first one to laugh loses. Do it five times and I will come back and deal with the winner.

To see the official trailer click here

For the official contest for snakes on a plane click here

Wikipedia has links to all the fan trailers made before an official trailer was released. The Wikipedia link is well worth the view. See it here


Tricia said...

Hey Lynn. Just on the premise of the movie I thought it might suck like Anaconda or that big crocodile living in a lake movie ... but I'm hearing good reviews surprisingly. Sounds like you enjoyed it.

As a reptile owner and promoter of good herpetoculture (the hobby of keeping reptiles and promoting their care)I'm always more than a bit skeptical when a movie that has a reptiles as the "scary creatures" comes along.

Did you go through a pryromanic phase? Is that why your asking? :) I was gonna say no, but then I remembered that I used to like playing with candles (more the wax than the flame) ... does that count? And what does this have to do with the movie? I'll just asume that it has something to do with the movi. :)

Lynn said...

Hey Tricia,

No I didn't go through a pyromaniac phase.

The two examples I give are basically lines from the movie.

You will see very soon all the Geeks will know the dialogue of the movie back and forward.

This movie is the New Millenium's answer to Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Right near where you live the old theatre called "The Roxy" Showed it at midnight on the weekends. There is still a revitalization of the Rocky Horror Picture show at Halloween time.

People act out the parts on stage in front of the movie. Everyone brings props to hold up and show like icons to the scenes.

This movie will become like that.

There are lines from movies like "Austin Powers", and "Tommy Boy" that get recited by the fans verbatum.

How do I know? Well the Tucker screening room is the home of the Festivals of each of those names. Large numbers of geeks gather in our basement with popcorn, candy, and fizzy beverages to spend the night reciting every line with the characters, then cheerin eachother for getting it perfect!