Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Is There Clues To Who We Will Become While We Are In Childhood?
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Take these two nice boys. These are my Sons, Alex (Al) on the left and Cam on the right.

When they were two, could we have predicted the men that they are today?

When Al was a little boy he was all into his boy fashion.
He liked retro clothing, eventhough he really didn't understand the status it held back then. He knew he idolized his Dad and if he got to wear a shirt and bowtie that his Dad wore when he was a kid, that was all right! Cam loved loud noises. He loved bagpipes. In this picture it looks like he is hating the sound, but that isn't true. He loved it so much he marched around following the piper on the day we blessed our new home and celebrated my parents' anniversary. Cam covered his ears because to be that close to the pipes is deafening.

Al chose and dressed himself for his 2nd birthday. He wore that button with pride. He chose the knee socks with the little trucks on them, the short pants and Italian sandles, plus the shirt and bowtie that were his Dad's when he was a boy.
Does that mean we could predict a non conformist individual? A guy with a wacky sense of retro style? Oh and a guy that likes fine leather shoes?

Cam chose and dressed himself for his Third year grown-up party. Lazy-lizard shirt and surfer shorts. Probably the Ninja Turtles Underroos, and bare feet. And he chased that loudest unplugged instrument in the world to idolize. Would this make his the easy-going free spirt who loved loud sound, and marched to his own drummer?

You decide for yourself.

I would like you to meet Al and Cam.

Al is 20. He studied Classical History and English, and now he is going into Web design. He plays DnD, and Warhammer, and Mutants and Masterminds. He worked in a comic book store, that sold RPG gaming products. He is a weekend soldier, and he is proud of being a Barrista. Alex owns the web design company Automatic Pixel Productions.

Cam is the understated gentleman. He is 18. He is a part-time Wing Chef, and a Student. He has strong views of philosophy, and religion. He is most comfortable in shorts and his ole black basball cap with the punk show badges on it. He is a great comedian. He has been trained by the SCTV crowd. He is a great writer. But most of all he is a muscian. He is one of the best drummers we know. He also plays guitar, and he is the lead singer for Fall The Loss. (The Indy Metal Band) Cam loves to mountain bike. He sports some pretty awesome scars from biking accidents.

Now you can see for yourself what these Men look like today:

Al (Alex) on the Left

Cam on the Right



Anonymous said...

I love the pictures of the before and after and how you can see their personalities! LOL

Lynn said...

Thanks Arielle,

I stare at these two pictures day after day. It amazes me so much that those two little kids were showing us who they would be, even back then!

Mother of Invention said...

Very cool offspring, both as little kids and as young men! bet you both have had a lot of enjoyment from them.
Just wait till grandkids!! HA!

Lynn said...

They are cool guys.

I enjoy them very much.

I have promised both of them that I will never be a Mom who starts encouraging them to settle and have grandkids for me.

I just get upset when people ask couples when they are having kids. No one can predict if couples wish children or are successful in their tries to have children.
I don't want to put any stress on my kids to fulfill my needs.
I just want to support each event my Sons put before me.

I will be an active Grandma if it ever happens, but I will also enjoy just being a Mom of Men.
If my kids choose to not have children, or don't, I will be thrilled with what they choose, no matter what.

These next few years are the ones I just let them go to the World, and enjoy the excitement of what happens to them in the World they develop!

Jules said...

What cute little boys! I would look at those pictures every day too. It makes me wonder if my 9 year old will become an author or librarian and my 6 year old a leader of some radical feminist group - lol.

Lynn said...

Hi Jules,

You should write down what you guess they may become, and see how close you get when they grow up.

yuri said...

thanks lynn for dropping by.

RennyBA said...

Hi Lynn, here from Charles and it was about time, course it has been long since last - sorry!
Cut boys and thanks for sharing this story. One can tell you've been a great mom:-)

Lynn said...

Thank You RennyBA,

Charles' game is neat huh!
He really has great games!

I am very proud of my Sons.

Lynn said...

Hi Yuri,

I really like Charles' game. It is fun to get to know other bloggers through a game!

John said...

Absolutely. I think the way they are when they're young will carry through. Which, given what I see of my young gentlemen, makes me smile.

Lynn said...


I think that these last weeks readin about The Boy was probably having me reminisce (? spelling) about when they were his age.
Carl (my husband) and I were talkin about your style the day I decided when I would put the comparison blog in.
We really got nastalgic about our kids when they were young.

no milk said...

hmmmn, it's weird when we look at older pictures of people. i don't know if it is easy to predict how a person turns out, especially since many times, the "growing up" parts happen randomly in a person's life. i think that for me, a lot of that happened when i was 22. i was living on my own and i was able to come out of the closet. that changed me forever.

sounds like you've done a good job raising your sons!

Lynn said...

Well I am sure you hid a part of your personality when you were young. I bet you felt that you had secrets to hide.
This issue of gay children used to be a sore spot between My family and other families. Other parents would make comments assuming the sexuality of their children. They would make comments about how they refuse to deal with the subject of Gay.
My husband and I have always been appauled by these assumptions.
We have had out and out arguments with families who may have gay siblings, and refuse to acknowledge it.
I have always said, If your baby boy comes to you when he is 9 or 15 and says he's gay, how will you deal with that?
As parents it is our obligation to have flexibility in our ideals, for we cannot fit our children in to a mould by forcing them.
Our sex talks were open to both talk about heterosexual roles, and homosexual, and bisexual roles and risks.
In our house my Sons and their friends know they won't be judged for their sexuality. It makes these young adults speak more freely about their regularities and concerns.
Their thoughts on sexuality subjects have to be forefront in this age. The free discussions of sexuality is important. Our children's mental and physical safety depends on it.