Sunday, August 13, 2006

Warm and Fuzzy to attract the Buzzy-wuzzy!


guppyman said...

That is gorgeous! But... what is it?

Lynn said...

Thanks for comin by guppyman.
Love your pics.
The flower is beebalm. This one is not mature. So it really looks wild. When they are open all the way the look fuller. Now they are seeding and they get a centre like a daisy.

Everyone who is lookin at the comments should go to guppyman's garden's own blog at:

This is an amazing place!!!!!

Tricia said...

did you have to scrap the first posting? All the comments are gone.

Lynn said...

The first posting is farther along.
To put up the links you needed to see I had to publish them and it put the blog posts out of order, so they are in previous posts.
I couldn't do much about it.
The linkies are temporarily gone.
Mr. Linky said he would restore them now the bug is out of my widget.
I had to tell him what comment when where.