Sunday, August 13, 2006

Daphne ZinZin is Back!

Daphne is one of the first people on my blog link network.
She has not posted new for the better part of the summer.
I bet she has been enjoying the beautiful days in Western Europe!

She collects retro. She also creates retro.
She is planning for a retro kitchen of her own.
Please visit her today at her blog: here
Please leave her a comment and tell her you came from my Blog to visit.

Daphne wants ideas for her 50's Kitchen.
If you have ideas or have a 50's room we would like to hear about it.
If you post the pics on your blog I will link it.
Tell us in comments.

I have been waiting for Daphne to return so I could publish these pics of my home.
I have a retro kitchen and a 50's room.

These pics are dedicated to you Daphne! Welcome Back!

This is my Diner Kitchen. We are always adding to it. I have a few more chairs to recover. As you see there are paint cans on the floor. This means I have actually started a bit of redecorating in a different room.
I designed and built the 50's diner booth.
All of our accents are chrome.
The flooring is from Tarquette.
The Juke box plays CD's

This is our 50's Family room. See the rust carpet and the so retro panelling.

This is a family coffee table. It is maple. From the early 50's

In the corner is a Singer cabinet Sewing machine. It works perfectly. It also has a bench.
The table on the left is a pine table painted to look 50's.

This is our late 40's early 50's Maple sofa.

Notice the wrapped maple arms.

And the slats on the back. This sofa has been re-upholstered but has its original Lamb Wool and Pure Cotton Stuffing. The original "Polach Springs" and metal straps are all in tact.

What you see here is our pride. This is a circa 1950's Electrohome television cabinet. Solid Berl wood and Maple. All the furniture was my parents and they gave it to me! I am so lucky!
I have another TV cabinet with scroll doors behind my desk, but a photo doesn't do it justice.
That cabinet came from my Mom too. My Grandparents had the TV's before my parents' did. (I think) The only retro things I don't have from my Mom are now Andre's pride. In the late 90's I set out for Germany with two large paintings under my arm. Maybe if I can beg.....Andre will take a pic of them in his retro room. ( I am begging Andre, I know you will give me pics!) It is fun when your friends are into retro too! It was so amazing to see the look on his face!

We have taken the guts out of the TV. And we put a Stereo TV inside it.

I even got the photo while the "Drive-In" channel was playing "Pajama Party" with Annette Funicello!



Candy Minx said...

Hey that is all cool stuff. I love retro looks. I'll see if i have a chance to take a photo of a grey cabinet I love.

Lynn, I am in Toronto, and looking forward to seeing a pic of your accordion...and so is my pal Mister Anchovy.

He has lots of accordiaon info and pics at his blog...

Lynn said...

Hey Candy,

Well you tell Mr. Anchovy I bet he is from the East Coast.
You are in Toronto! Woo Hoo!
It is so cool to meet bloggers from my home town!

I am a Toronto "Expat"(hehehe) living in Newmarket!

My parents have a home on the Scarborough Bluffs!

Pim said...

Hi Lynn, I love that map behind your coutch!
Thank you for stopping by and thank you for the advice! I really appreciate it. Im going to ask the hospital tomorrow if they have a pump I can use while im there or if I'm going to need to buy one. (Im hoping they have one).

Lynn said...

Hi Pim,

Thanks for coming by.
I will stop by again and tell you about pumps.
It is actually not a map.
One of my best friend is Laurie Leehane. She is a wonderful artist. She paints mostly Newfoundland art now at her studio in St. John's Nfld. You can find her in the list under Real Life Friends Blogs and Web Sites in my margin.

This is one of her early pieces.
It is a textured mural representing cave drawing in the French Pyrenese. You can only see the true drawings on mural in the early morning sun. After the morning the painting changes and you see something different.

I will do a piece on her work soon, and I will show the painting in better light.

charles ravndal said...

Hello Lynn! You have a nice place and I love your kitchen! The kitchen is usually my haven. Anyway, regarding to your Norwegian friend I will try to find him. I would just say that Amy sent me right ?

Lynn said...

Hey Charles.

Welcome back!
Yeah, in the old days in Germany everyone called me Amy, cuz that was the name I wrote under. My friends from Europe still call me Amy.

I answer to both.

Lars and I have corresponded for years. But he changed providers and poof it all went away.

Laurie said...

Hey, I have a yellow speckled 1950's chrome set in my kitchen..well I did, I use the table in my studio now. Saw it across the street outside a second hand store and beat it over there to buy it.
I love the booth look you have going Lyn. Try to find some checkered table cloths.

Lynn said...

Hey Laurie!

I actually have one of those tables in the trunk of my car.
Alex and Amber have it, and it needs a repair, so I brought it home from our trip to Peterborough to put some wood blocks on the underside so we can re-secure the legs.
My chairs came from a garage sale across the road. Our neighbours were retiring and bought a fancy condo in Toronto for retirement! Their daughters brought a kitchen set home from use at University and they were getting rid of it. The table went, and no one wanted the chairs. I saw the chairs outside with a sign FREE. I knocked on the door and asked if I could buy the chairs (6 of them). She said just TAKE THEM, so I did. My goal is to recover all of them, but I have been slow at doing them. This past year is basically missing from my life because of the brain injury. I bought tons of the vinyl so I am prepared, but it takes both Carl and I to work together to do a chair. Stretching the stuff is difficult.
I am gonna reset Alex and Ambers seat and back on one of my frames.
Did you see I pimped you in a previous comment here?

charles ravndal said...

Okay, I will really try to locate him. I hope there wont be any other Lars Haugley.

Lynn said...


I know him by site so tell him to give you a pic for proof!

hehe Andre, Charles is gonna try to find Lars for us!

Hey it will make for a good story. I can tell you he did have a web site.
One of my expired computers will have something to start with. I will see if Alex can hack it.

He used to ICQ as EULars

I can't use ICQ any more. This computer does not like it any more. XP and the icq don't get along for me.

Daphne said...

Hi Lynn, thanks for this mega-post you let on your blog.

Actually, I've been really busy these last weeks because I get a job.
We are working on a new store who's going to open his doors the first of september.
This is a decoration home store, a job that I'm searching for since a long time, I'm quite happy and really to lazy to post anything, I would like to paint, fix my furnitures who's waiting in the garage, but I don't have time to do it, but in mid setember, I guess I will have more time to come back on my blog and telling everything of my new life, oh, by the way, if I'm keeping this job (as I get a "trying session"), We will buying a house, so you'll have a daphnezinzin blog full of new pics, but you should wait few months, :), but I will post other things between this!!!! Thanks again honey Lynn and have terrific day, :o)

Lynn said...

WOW Daphne that is awesome!

In the mean time I am hoping some of the folks will post pics you can look at on your tired evenings.

I dont blame anyone for not blogging as much in summer.

Europe and Canada have had really nice days and really big rain storms, so they are not conducive to being on the net anyhow.

I have had to give up my internet game play on Pogo this summer. The long summer days and comfortable summer nights have made my garden so appealing. We are spending alot of evenings in the garden.

I am also getting up earlier on the hot days because I can only enjoy the garden in the early morning and late afternoons when it is 40 degrees Celcius.