Saturday, August 19, 2006

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today: August 19, 2006

My Dad turns 65!

Dad has been retired from the Toronto Police Department since he was 48, as a Staff Sargent Detective in Internal Affairs. (That would make him 17 when he became a Cop.) After he retirement he contracted in banking ATM securities and intelligence(fancy name for being a guard and controller of ATM monies) while also running my parents' own successful Salmon Fishing Charter business.

Mom and Dad finally sold off the business when dad was around 60 years old, and Dad is officially retired to pass the time each weekday playing golf!

He plays golf with alot of the news folk from CFTO, and his buddy "Bare Naked Bernie" (one of the fathers of the Bare Naked Ladies)

Just so everyone peeking in can keep the fresh tally: Dad is 65, Mom is 66, My Hubby Carl is 49, I am 43, Alex(oldest son) is 20, Cam(youngest Son) is 18, Rob (borrowed Son) is 28(I think? I don't think he is 29 yet). Just so you know....

Mom and Dad

Cam and Dad

Al (Alex)

"Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You!" Carl brings the Cake

Dad Blowin Out the Candles

I only want a sliver!


Dad listens intently to Army talk!

I don't want cake-Cam

Ummm Cake!

Ugg Cake buzz!- Me and Carl

Hey Look a Bell Mug!-Carl is in IT Management for Bell in a round about way. They sold their IT division Sygma to CGI, but he is in CGI's Bell Services Division

I shouldn't of had cake!-Carl

Now we all listen intently while dad talks Army! heehee

The back garden was the place to be after dinner. Rob stopped by to partake of the fun!

Me and Dad- I inherited all my body structure from my dad.
I inherited my mind from my Mom.
(right now dad is laughin and saying "The nut doesn't fall far from the tree!")

Carl, Cam, Mom, Al
We don't know which Camera to look at!

Me and Mom

Carl, Cam, Dad and Al

Wasn't that a Party! We had it Sunday so Alex and Carl wouldn't miss the festivities while away at Vigilant Guardian.


charles ravndal said...

Lovely pictures and the boys are cute!

TNChick said...

Happy Birthday to you Dad! =)

Sam Spade said...

Lynn,great blog today.What a great family.You should me very very proud.Thanks for sharing