Sunday, August 20, 2006

Dew Drops





Passion Flower

Blaze-Tea Rose


Lynn said...

These are my garden pics from last week.
I think that Blaze might be my flora bunda now I think of it. Mehhh!
Thanks for dropping by. I will visit your post tonight.

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Hi, I'm new in the green thumb sunday and this really is like a gold mine to me :-)

Beautiful shots! That Snapdragon is totally new to me, never seen it before. Loveley flower!

And Passion flower has always been one of my favorites, because of the complicated construction :-)

FruitfulSpirit said...

Very nice shots. You must have lots of color in your garden. I love the dewdrops on all the leaves.

My pictures are up. Have a great day!

Janet ( said...

Love that passion flower! How unique!

Deb said...

Pretty, pretty! I love those passion flowers but have never tried growing them. Are they easy to grow? Your Blaze Tea Roses are beautiful! I have snaps, too, and there's one pot trying to bloom again :)
Mine's up, too!

Lynn said...

Green Thumb Sunday is pretty new (only weeks old)So we are all new at it!
Welcome Mrs. Lifecruiser.

Trisha from Tricia's Musings started it. She had a great idea, seeing so many of us share garden pics.

It seems to me alot of Bloggers have gardening, travelling, or crafts as a hobby. It is a great place to show family and friends the garden. I don't think our first thought, when bringing photos to someone's house, would be to bring the flowers. Most likely we would bring pics of our kids, pets or trips.

Lynn said...

Hi Deb,

I have luck with all my snaps blooming till fall.
I pinch off the round seed pods to force the growth.

The two big clay pots I have with snaps in them, will bloom one more time in my house when I bring the pots in for the winter.

In winter my living room window is full of flowers.
Each bathroom has a basket in it for the winter, and I have one over the kitchen sink.

I can keep 50% of the flowers in baskets all winter, plus the two big clay pots.
I have the passion flowers in the house all winter too.
There is one permanently in the house as well.

I will show pictures of what I have in the house soon.

guppyman said...

I had beautiful purple passion flowers at my old house.... when I moved, I left them :(

BUT- A co-worker gave me some that are more white like yours.... Last year.... But I Haven't put them in the ground just yet.... They are actually sitting on the driveway in a plastic bag full of newspaper... somehow still clinging to life.

Beautiful dewdrops!

Lynn said...

About the passion flowers,

They come on trellises when you buy them. I got my first one last year for $34.00 CAN. I got the two new ones this year for $14.00, cuz Walmart started to carry them.
They will constantly bloom all summer like Hybiscus does.

Then make sure you don't let them get nights below 10degrees Celcius.
Bring them inside.

They will continue to bloom as late as January.

But the short days takes its toll. The main stalk will start to get dry. You will pic. leaves off every day.
Then you will see a new shoot. Let the shoot grow, and once the stem of the old part is dry then clip it. At this time you can rewrap the new baby.

Hybiscus will grow from the garden to the house as long as it can be humid.
I use an ionic mister bowl in the living room near the flowers.
I got it at Walmart last yr. They are usually sold near the foot baths as a spa do dad. They are a fancy bowl with a little hood that allows the condinsation to drip off it so you can hear water trickle. The ionizer has a revolving coloured light system with it so the water mists like liquid nitrogen, and it shows three colours.
They cost about $48.00 CAN at Walmart.

I also give all my outdoor flowers, I bring inside, a weekly shower.(sans massager)
Last yr I didnt even get mites! That was a bonus.

guppyman said...

Oops... Went back and corrected my link in the Mr. Linky thing.... I forgot which blog was programmed into there already....

Lynn said...

Hey Guppyman,

I actually have white, blue, and purple ones.

This one had the nicest bloom. The purple one has nice blooms on the back right now, and buds in the front. I just can't get photos of the back.

Wystful 1 said...

Gorgeous!!! I didn't know blaze is also a tea rose. I've only seen them as climbing roses. I'll have to check into that as I love roses.

Re: The photo hunt each Saturday is so fun.
Thanks for dropping by mine, and I now have the 'answers' to who they were.

Lynn said...

Hi Wystful 1,

I put in comments later that I thought Blaze was my florabunda. Which is almost a climber.
It certainly is a multi branched rose, but the stalks are firmer than a climber.
I am amiss on my roses because I transplanted 5 last year. Not all of them are marked.
I am certain Blaze is a florabunda.

Christine said...

Beaufiful dewdrop shots. I love the colors of your geraniums. The passion Flower is amazing! Gorgeous plant!
Have a great rest of your Sunday!

RheLynn said...

very pretty - I love Geraniums too! You really do good work with your camera.

Lynn said...

Thanks Rhelynn,

I don't have any tips for taking pics. All I can say is there were 3 blurry ones for one good one. I love digital.
How about I give you a plug here though.
Rhelynn has taken in some kittens. As far as I understand their Mom was killed or died when they were not weened.
Rhelynn has nursed them back to health, but one little kitten is injured. He can walk, and he is growing and feisty but he got injured and his ear was basically torn off, and his cheek got infected and he had a sore paw too.
He is healing up nicely and he is affectionately known as Squint. He is a dark smoke colour. He is really cute.

If you would like to adopt Squint and you live in the Tennessee vacinity she is looking for a home for him. These kittens were not hers, but she had the know how to nurse them to health.
You can contact Rhelynn through her blog, and you can see pictures of squint there too.

Common someone in Tennessee must want a cat with character!

Tricia said...

Great photos Lynn. I enjoy snapdragons, geraniums, passion flower and oh yes ROSES too. I love the look of flowers and leaves with dew drops or rain drops on them. In fact, I was outside on Saturday as it began to rain lightly (yeah finally got a bit of that much needed rain) taking pictures and I've got some new ones now with tiny rain drops on them too.

Sorry I'm late posting and visiting. I was actually editing my latest photos very early Sunday morning when I was overcome with tiredness so I gave up and decided to post my Green thumb posts when I got up ... but life happened and I got busy and ended up not posting my green thumbs until late Sunday night.

RennyBA said...

What beautiful flowers and so well captures! Thanks for sharing as it gave me the best start to my day I could ever ask for. Have a great week ahead:-)

charles ravndal said...

Wowie! What a lovely pictures of flowers! The details and the colours are fantastic!

The Doctor said...

Those really are beautiful pictures of flowers

Jenni said...

I am definately in for green thumb Sunday!! Sounds like fun.

You had commented on my quilt project and asked me how I do so many things. The answer is that I am not sure. I guess that I do fun things when I should be cleaning house. I am a teacher, so I have more time off than most and I have no kids. I also like to learn new things. My hubbie and I travel a lot and I work on a lot of projects then. We also commute to work together so I work on things while he drives. It keeps me sane.

Jenni :)

Mother of Invention said...

These are so great! I've been wanting to get shots with dewdrops for a long time! I better try harder and soon!