Monday, December 11, 2006

Eye Doctors' Away!

Today was the appointment with the Opthamologist today. It went well. But the Dr said that with all the auto-immune problems I have, it is surprising that my eyes are in such great shape.
There is a little bit odd shape to my right eye but he said the final measurements don't draw any negative conclusion.

He said that if I get the infection again he wants to see it all gucky.
He did recommend that I add a liquid tears to my artificial tear use.
I have Sjogrens Disease and I have super low tear and saliva production, and I have used artificial tears for years. I even have mouth spray for creepy swallowing moments.

Besides the Dr appointment, Carl and I went down to Knit or Knot to take the final photographs for the big blog spot on them.
I will set up the prints and then write my post and it will be checked over by Norma on Thursday night. Hopefully I will be able to launch my Knit or Knot post by the end of the week!

I have photos of so many fibres and nifty needles and great knits and wonderful patterns, all for a winter of great fun!

This morning a package arrived from Yarnpie.
It is my major prize for my Socks for Sheep contribution.
Thank you Yarpie!
I love my organizer and the beautiful ornament and card!
I will have photos tomorrow!


Mother of Invention said...

Glad the Dr. wasn't too concerned. I go to Dr. Walker in Newmarket and really like him.

I braved the Georgian Mall today and it wasn't even bad! I actually lasted from 9:30 to 12:45!
I'm pretty tird now though.

Sue said...

Good to hear things are going well! I've tagged you for a weird meme if you want to participate. Check out my blog.

RheLynn said...

feel better! Knitting stores often help ;o)

Jules said...

Lynn - I've missed you! I've stopped by a couple of times recently, but haven't had time to post...too busy watching your Christmas tree video. Keep those eyes moist! Out of curiosity, do you have a hard time crying?

Lynn said...

Thanks Jules
I do have a hard time with the physical crying thing. It is a bit painful.
I can feel the emotion and I will feel like I will well up, and then it burns and my face gets blotchy, and then I will get a tear.
It is much worse in winter than summer. Artificial heat kills me. So dry when I wake up in the morning.
I have stuff to post for The Holiday Theme but I am a bit swamped with last minute preperations for the Holiday.
Psst- and you will only hear it in comments...Hubby "retired" last week and we haven't had a moment to relax!

Mother of Invention said...

Congrats on Carl's retirement! Lots of time to relax and enjoy after the holidays!

TorAa said...

Happy your eyes didn't concern your Dr too much, but your desease must be annoying. I too checked my eyes this week. And for the first time since a teenager, my shortsightness is finally reversing (still minus 5.75 though).
Merry xMas in Norwegian, Dsnish and Swedish: GOD JUL