Friday, December 15, 2006

Sue Tagged Me
So I am Doing a Meme

(if you are visiting cuz an email you want the post below)

6 Weird Things About Me

Of course the post below reveals alot, but I can come up with more for this one.

1) I also was a forest ranger. No Guff! I worked as a Junior Forest Ranger. I lived in Thunder Bay and I climbed trees, reforested trees, planted trees, worked in a fish hatchery and counted wolves and moose. I can talk to wolves because of that. I look good in a hard hat!
I will find a pic.

2) I am a violinist. I started playing when I was 7. When I moved to the country I got involved in competitive fiddle competition and I am the Southwestern Ontario Gospel fiddle champion of way back when.

3) I bring home strays. Not like you think. I am not the weird cat lady or the family with a million dogs or birds or anything. I bring home stray people. Because of this habit we have had many folks and families live with our family through the years.

4) As a hobby I used to be a transformation specialist. This is a makeup artist and fashion co-ordinator who helps transvestites and transgendered people transform into their other self.
I worked with TG male to female for quite a few years helping them assimilate into the female of society. This is not to aspire one to be the next door whore, but to become the fem mom next door. I am in at least one documentary on the subject. So if you thought you saw me. You did!

5) I believe I should have never lived here. I think I was misplaced on my last go around in reincarnation. I have an afinity to Germany and it feels like Germany is home.

6) I am the plastic surgery queen. I have had alot of plastic sugery for someone who is 43.
I have had my body overhauled once and my boobs reduced twice. My belly button is not my own. Its fake!

Ok I wish to tag KnitOwl, Mandy, John Wilder, Chumly, and Laurie


Sue said...

Coolio!!!! You must tell me how to speak to wolves someday! I have a kooky story for you in regards to them.

My Mom used to pick up stray folk too.

Lynn said...

I think the stray folk picking is a genetic default. LOL

I think we need to have a seance soon Sue

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Really??? Oh, thisch schounds like excellent party goschsip, WHY haven't you been on my Crack Me Up party thisch evening? *gigglesch*

Teena said...

Cool list!

I did this a couple weeks ago.

chase said...

Wow I am so amazed to know that you are once a forest ranger. That is so cool!

And also I am quite impress that you are so generous and kind to bring people and even complete strangers to your home.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lynn I was a Jr. Forest Ranger too! In Gogama Ont. when I was 17. We didn't get to do cool stuff like you we did re-forestation but we did get to go on a few fun trips and yes taking care of baby pine trees is an important job too:)