Sunday, December 03, 2006


I am working on two pieces right now.
One is Alex's black pull-over, and this one is my Festive Top!
It is made of Sari Ribbon and Kimono Ribbon.
It will be a wrap-around top, and I hope to make a loose shrug to match it!

This is one of my new turbo round knitters these babies make a zoom sound when they rub together
"Decorated Yourself!"

Carl and Cam were cooked before we began!

Carl passes out under the tree. After we took everything off and started over to put new Christmas bubble lights on.

On Thursday I was out to Knit or Knot for Knotty Knitters!
The gals at Knit or knot got their window decorated and made a great display at the entry!
This is a tiny peek into what to expect near the end of next week.
I will then show the new stock for the season, and cover all the great deals!
Don't forget you order anything you need online at Knit or Knot.
If you are in York Region, the shop is located in Aurora at Yonge and Murray in the No Frills plaza. Construction is blocking the Murray entrances so enter via Yonge, and look for the shop near Omar's Shoes.


RheLynn said...

You took everything off the tree to change the lights! Wow - all of you are very brave. Very funny pictures of Cam and Carl.

Teena said...

I'm positively drooling at the knitting and supplies!

Mother of Invention said...

Hey, did I just do a virtual tour of Upper Canada Mall?! Too bad I can't do my shopping like that! I have to go to the mall next week for sure! I've decorated inside (minus the tree)but we need to finish the outside. It takes so long!We got LED lights and I don't like the white we got since they look blue!