Friday, December 15, 2006

The Secret I Was Keeping

I have to tell you something I have put off for a while.
My reasons for not talking about it was that I was not certain if I wanted to tell my Mom, and I had to be certain that she was ok with it before I ever made it public.

A few months ago I was put in contact with a pair of our other "I am Canadian" bloggers named Sue Darroch and Matt Didier of Paranormal Blog.

Now they have been active Paranormal investigators for over a decade. They are great scientists, and over the years have assembled an amazing team, and work with a network of investigators from all over Canada.

I don't talk much about my Spiritualism for a reason. I never wanted this blog to be about my Paranormal life. I never wanted to focus on my being a Medium and Healer, but to just focus on the day to day goings on in my life.
I had fears of the Motivated Motion Blog becoming the Seance hub of York Region, with minors in Tarot and Rune reading, with a smidge of botany or candle magic thrown in for flavour.

By omitting the Paranormal part, I find I am creating voids in the blog that most of the regular readers would find a bit out of style for me. This is something I have really had to weigh greatly over the past weeks as my blog posts seem to be getting farther and farther apart.

Of course my wellness has been an issue... But more to the idea that I have to reserve energy that I have, to invest it in other projects, rather than me having to slow down the blogging because I am not doing well. It is a matter of scheduling these days to reserve or balance my energy while fulfilling things I really truely enjoy.

I saw my parents last Saturday, and upon having pre-holiday discussions with them, and filling in the tidbits of the Tucker house they too missed out on because of my lack of posts, I realized that I cannot avoid telling Mom and Dad what I have been up to, and what now, Carl and I have been up to these past weeks.

I have taken on a volunteer position as a resident Medium for PSICAN. PSICAN is a scientific investigative team that researches hauntings, UFO phenomenon, cryptozooilogical presence (like Saskwatch or Ogopogo Monster), and basically any other type of paranormal phenomena.
This is a true scientific team. Their investigations are conducted in scientific process. The medium's job in the team is to be used as a secondary investigative tool after a primary investigation has taken place at any site.

I am honoured to have been made a member of this team. I am even more honoured that I get to work with a wonderful woman who has Waterfall's blog.
I will not reveal her name on my blog here. She is a wonderful medium partner, and her methods are so very close to mine. Working with her is very fulfilling.

On our last investigation, Carl came and manned my video recorder, and really enjoyed the work with the team. I am happy for this, and I think he is really interested in being tested to become a working member as well.
Carl is not psychic, but he has lived with me long enough to understand life in the presence of all sorts of interesting folks from the plain beyond.

These last weeks have had me working on a few projects for PSICAN and I am really enjoying the work. I get to answer questions on a forum, and answer emails that are directed to mediumship type questions. I also go out and investigate hauntings with the team.

So I finally told my Mom and Dad what we have been up to. I wasn't sure if Mom would be happy about it or not. She has the gift too, but she tends to get frightened from it. Or should I say, she was frightened alot during seances as a child, and she has not been too comfortable with the Spiritualist life after that.

Mom and Dad were so supportive. So supportive in fact that I felt myself channelling my great grandmother a bit and I could feel my accent moving toward one that was not my own. Mom said to me, "What did you say?!" At that point she explained I said a phrase my great grandmother use to say all the time. I don't remember my great grandmother at all.
My Mom looked at me straight in the eye and said,"This is what you are supposed to do. Everyone gets guided toward what you are meant to do. You just ended up becoming ill which gave you the time to volunteer as a medium." Then she reminded me that the biggest part of being a Spiritualist is to never forget that clairvoyance and healing are gifts from God, and should never be paid for.

There is no way to express how the support from my Mother for the work I choose to do now has made me feel. Mom came from a time when a person would be judged negatively for speaking out about such beliefs or gifts. So it makes me feel really good to know that she and Dad are equally interested in my work with PSICAN. It has always been a great interesting comic relief when Dad does stuff like intruduces me as, "This is my daughter the Witch."

The emotional part of all this is the fact that I had to quietly go into detail about the spirits that are my guides. I know years ago I mentioned it to Mom. But it was probably almost twenty years ago since Mom and I have discussed details of messages and I told mom that my Gramps has been my guide for most of my adult life. I have another guide from when I was a child as well. But my Mother's father is the one who sits with me every day.

This is so significant. He does not only guide me, but also Alex. When Alex was a small child he had regular converstations daily with my Grandfather's spirit.
Gramps knew I was pregnant with Alex when he passed away. All I can figure is that he got to see Alex's spirit when he was passing and made a connection with him in my whom.
It was teachings that my Gramps gave Alex as a boy that made him take interest in Birds, Paleantology, and Anthropology.
Alex was only 1year old when he asked for a book to identify birds.
He walked every day around everywhere with this huge encylopedia of Birds.
He would sit in the living room talking to Gramps and learning the birds in the book from him. Of course if I ever told any of my neighbours that Alex was busy talking birds with my dead grandfather....... they would have thought we were mad!
But that is how it was for us. After birds it was Dinosaurs. Then Anthropology and then History.
Then the Man, Alex is grown up, and a reflective image of my Gramps.

I have been in the presence of some interesting characters from beyond this past month and a half. And the ride is great!

I guess I should tell you how long I have been doing all this stuff.
At the age of three my Grandmother started to help me learn meditation once she knew I could see small coloured light clusters in the air, and that I would speak to them.

I remember seeing the brightly coloured dots bouncing around the room. I remember hearing people talk to me but never seeing anything but the dots. I was never scared or confused by what I saw. As time progressed my Grandmother would help me learn to meditate and go into deep prayer. (some faiths reguard this as a state of Spiritual Euforia from being one with the presence of God) This is a very blessed state to be in, and is the catalyst to the ability to heal ones in need. During this meditation the dots became form. Shadows of man, then beings I could distinguish as I aged.

By the time I was 5 or 6 I was taking part in regular healings with my Grandmother. I was a physical medium and a mental medium. As I child of 9 I remember getting upset and in a great emotional state, and exploding a light bulb above my head in the hallway. As a teen I could manipulate fire, and I had a telepathic connection to my best friend.
By the time I was 17 I was receiving regular messages from Spirit, and I was deeply devoted to my faith.

Before I married I was a significant member of the Spiritualist Church of Canada, and also took confirmation with the Anglican Church of Canada to marry my Husband.
The Anglican Church of Canada has a mandate that those who are members of their church can have an affiliation with another faith and they welcome all multifaith unions where both members believe in faith under God.
This sparked my interest in religion as an education.
I became a lay paster and healer for a remote branch of the Spiritualist Church and was a cantor for the Anglican church.
In those years I studied at the Ontario Bible College toward my degree in Religious Studies and Education.

My Sabbaths would be busy with services and healings and readings and messeges every week.
This was our lifestyle for a long long time.
Once I went back to working full-time I had to step back from the active temple life.
I worked in another country alot of the years and came home for family time, so the Spiritual work had to take a pause.

In the pause a family grew up, a woman changed from an international businesswoman to an entrepeneur, then a retired person.
As a retired person I may have the most rewarding life yet...

I am happy that I am well enough to be able to become an active Spiritual medium on a part-time schedule while managing the brain injury.

That brings me to another point. When a medium has a brain injury, some medical professionals are very intrigued by this. It just so happens that my Dr's take into consideration my mediumship and healing abilities as proactive methods to aid me to my own wellness. This is why I was never prescribed opiats for my pain. They know I will use a deep medatitive state to be able to work through the pain and visualize the positive effects of the medications I must take. They only need to help my body with the exhaustion from my body's own work to manage the pain, and a neuroblocker tool to allow my body to get REM sleep, which I can no longer do on my own because of the nature of the injury. I am not pain free. I am just able to function in an abnormal state of pain because of my medium practices.

Now about healing and being healed. As a healer it is wonderful what a healing does for the healer as well. When a healer does a healing(or the laying on of hands) the grounding and energy that passes through the healer to heal the candidate has a double effect. The candidate is revitalized and refreshed and in a positive mindset, and too is the healer.
So I always feel much more energetic balanced after I do healings.

So here is a toast to our Revitalized Life now I am able to volunteer for PSICAN!
I will encourage you to look to Paranormal Blog for the paranormal events I get involved with.
Sue and Matt will speak of the works in their blog so you will have to have a look at their posts to see what is going on in the haunts of Ontario these days.
I will leave it up to them to post about our experiences.
But don't be surprised if you get to see the odd photo of me doin weird stuff here once in a while.

Who You Gonna Call!?
Paranormal Blog


Sue said...

And you forgot to mention I wished for you ... lol! We are all very happy to have you aboard .. :)

Lynn said...

yes I did forget that at the time I wished for a place to volunteer as a medium, Sue wished for a medium. Ahh Kismet!

Anonymous said...

I knew you were special. My mother use to dream what she called "sharp." All I know is when she dreamed of my deceased grandmother a relative or two would join my grandmother in the after life. My mother has passed and it seems so has her gift. Mary Summer Rain inspired me and got me interested in the spirit world in her early books. Lynn you inspire me just reading what you have accomplished. I was in the Coast Guard and went thru the Bermuda Trangle. On the way back the second time we ended up 100's of miles off course because our electronics went haywire. I am honored to be able to read your stuff. Thanks. Yes I have see a ghost or two myself.

Mother of Invention said...

So interesting, Lynn. You certainly have lived a multi-layered life. I hope you stay well enough to carry out your role in all this.

Anonymous said...

Yay Lynn! I'm so happy that you're going to share your gifts with everyone. You have so much to share and inspire in others. You have helped me find an inner path to my spiritual home :)
Here's to many more interesting investigations :)
Nancy Eckert