Friday, December 22, 2006

Yuletide Melt

Well Yesterday was our exciting Yule celebration.
We had a busy day.
I had a brain freeze treatment at the pain specialist.
And we bottled the ale for the celebration.
We had the fruity wine in the fridge and the oatcakes in the larder.

We had shopped till we dropped and had all appointments, and the day was winding down.
I thought that we would get everything ready at eventide and then do the celebration of the light and the wish night at midnight.

Some folks start in the hour of 7PM (1900). But our family has had the tradition of doing wishes and the fire celebration at midnight because it is the purest darkness.
The house was lit all evening by candles all over, and the logs were ready for the fire.
We all sat together to watch a movie in the early evening then we were all ready to do the ceramony.

I didn't count on one thing. The Dr gave me a new medication. I was frozen by the anesthetic and I took the meds. They are an anti seizure med called Gabapentin. The combo of anesthetic and the anti seizure med made me high. I had never felt high before. It was like getting drunk without numb lips, bed spins or nausea. The meds worked for the nerve pain, but the combo was not the best thing.

By 11:30 I was squinting out of one eye to keep things in perspective.
So here I am looking like a buccanear and swaying like one too.
Arrrr Matee!

I could not do the fire ceramony. I felt like I would set the whole room aflame.
Thus Yule was a fizzle.
I will do my ceremony and wishes tonight.
I think the gods will forgive me.

In the mean time Laurie had a great ode to Yule up.
Click on the great hunter and he will take you there.
This is his poem as he prepares to slay the Chrone and allow the Maiden to emerge.
Our blessing for renewal in the wintertide.
This begins our cleansing. We will cleanse our world (our home and ourselves) over the months to March. The magic within the winter hybernation.

Please go to the link in the photo by clicking on the photo and find the poem of Yule at Laurie's place.

Blessings Of Yuletide to you all!

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RennyBA said...

How funny - both you and i have posted about Yule tonight. It might be in different prospective but still in the same mode. Maybe the world isn't that big after all!

From all of me to all of you: Marry Christmas:-)