Saturday, December 23, 2006

Today's Theme is: Lines

Green glass lines
On wire
Straight lines turn loopy loop
Soft lines of fibre optics
Add battery and twinkle twinkle
Upon the green glass lines are tiny teeny hooks.
Hang from the hooks are bells and balls.
Jewels of gold and fine gemstones like pearls.
And snowflakes
What can it be..............?
A tree

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The Beaded Tree

This is my pride and joy.
I wanted to do a tree like this for a long time.
It has fibre optic lights and hand made decorations.
It is made of tiny green glass beads.
The ornaments are rhinestones and pearls and wood.
It took me two years to complete.
I got the plastic cookies and snowflakes the second year.


Anonymous said...

That tree is awesome! I love the Celtic designs on the decorations.

Anonymous said...

It is such an intricate design that the whole is so much more than its parts. A truly lovely tree!!

Merry Christmas!!!!

Debbie said...

This is a very creative tree! Lots of lines going on in many different ways! Very pretty! Merry Christmas!

Bob Merkin said...

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