Friday, January 12, 2007


We usually stay at The Luxor, but me being the picky gal I am.......I wanted to stay in a hotel that had a bathtub in the room. Luxor has them, but they were not available for my whole stay. So by fluke Carl and I stayed at the Tropicana.

When the taxi from the airport pulled up in the driveway of the Tropicana my mind envisioned the old stars of the past also walking up the main steps, into the Casino. The rich dark wood of the hotel still has that faint sweet smell of fine cigar. Yet no cigar smokers in sight. Hi gloss polished brass fixures and rails gleaming reflections of beautiful starlets in sequened gowns.

I remember seeing TV shows of the big stars like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Desi Arnes or Bob Hope who must have stood on the main theatre stage and looked out to their friends in the horshoe shaped booths for VIPs at the Tropicana.

The ceilings with such elaborate carvings of fare roses, stained glass managerie and mirrors of brass in the fine elevators.

We walk through history to enter our room.
Then from the room history fades to a mist and the modern monolithic buildings show their stuff!This is the Mandalay Bay, Le Hotel and The Luxor.

The Excalibre is a great foreground to the mountain backdrop.

The mountain range that circles Las Vegas showing its snowy side for the camera

The airport is very close to the Hotel. It only costs about $7.00 to take a cab to the airport from the Tropicana.

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Teena said...

Vegas is a place I've never been but want to go. I'm so jealous :)