Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Knit Or Knot
Fibre Paradise!

A small town Canadian Yarn Shoppe with the flare of the World!
Shop in person, or shop online.

Norma, Margaret, Marion and Debra-Lee
Can answer any questions you have from yarn weight comparison,
to sharing the coolest new kit!

I want to tell you about the place I hang out.
It is a little piece of crafters heaven.
A place where everybody knows your name....


Click on the photo below to see Knitting Class Dates for 2007
Click on it to make it bigger and zoom it, then you can print it

The holiday season may now be behind us, but it is only the beginning of the season of knitting.
All of us knitters, crocheters, and needle-work folks know that winter is the time of projects.
We got our gift-giving projects out of the way, and now it is time for the personal projects. Socks, sweaters, fashion accessories and more!

We have made a complete turn-around in the vogue of crafting and knitting is IN!
If you are a needle worker you will be so happy with the yarns that Knit or Knot has. Gone are the days of pure acrylic itchy yarns of our grandmother's era, and welcome back to the natural fibres that have kept us warm and fashionable for centuries.

With the interest in the natural fibre has come a huge trend toward vintage or unique pattern use.
If you want really great fashion then Lousia Harding books are my favourite.
I like the idea that she has great innovative patterns for more interesting fibres like kimono silk or sahri ribbon, and she carries a full complimentary of fibres in her own name to go with her patterns.

Fiddlesticks is the absolute best fibre for working on lace.
Whether you crochet or knit or tat your lace
You will love this yarn.
Cotton and silk- Woo Hoo!

click on the photo below for
the catalogue of fibre slideshow

Remember... when buying yarn it is always cheaper to buy by the bag.
At the moment Knit or Knot has 50% off on selected bags of yarn.
This part of the boxing day deal they are extending while quantities last!

A bag of yarn is not that heavy for shipping either.
Canadian shipping costs are quite reasonable compaired to other countries.

Bagged projects are great for
the beginner
or for someone who is
getting started again.

They are great gifts
any time of year

Knit or Knot has a full array of gift ideas all year around.
Those great bags are perfect for travelling in the car or on a plane with your work.

Incidentally: Knitting Needles and crochet hooks are allowed in carry-on baggage for international flights leaving Canada.
Scissors are not allowed, yet nail clippers are allowed-so be creative!

Now these are lovely yarn displays. Always well laid out and easy to look at.
With lots of room in the store to mill about.

(Click on any photos to make them bigger)

soft and silky

elegant and unique

perfect fibre for daily use

be daring
and try something new

Natural fibres and combinations of
the best
For making baby layettes to opera shawls.

future socks and sweaters

see the lovely hand-made pieces for reference

soft fibre, vibrant colours,
great texture
great wearablility

a large shop with a great selection
great service
and knowledgable staff

baskets, bowls, notions and patterns

A shawl, a shawl, I need a beautiful shawl

If you need patterns or pattern books then Knit or Knot can help you.
All the current patterns are available, and if you make an email enquirey you may find Knit or Knot has a few back issues of older patterns too.

Fancy had painted fibres are all the rage.
Look at those colours of EcoKnit, and Fiddlesticks just jumping off the walls!

Ohh Louisa Harding Shawl project! Kimono ribbon and Sahri ribbon.
So classy!

Wow! great baskets! Work bags like above or the kind with the wodden legs that can sit on the floor open, or the lovely palm leave basket bowls or these below that will flatten for storage if necessary.

Look at the travel knitting bags!
Never use a grocery bag again!

Needles and Notions
There is a huge supply of needles, pins, hooks, clasps, guages, crochet hooks,
scissors, measuring tapes and buttons.

Turbo Needles in the round are my new favourite.
They go zoom when you use them!
Their round cables come in three convenient lengths.
(while I am on the subject of knitting in the round-
go back up to the classes photo and look for the mobius workshop and learn to work in the round)

If you work with slippery fibre (like the kimono ribbon) you may want to take a natural ebony needle instead of a metal or plastic one.
The wood grain grabs the slippery ribbon easier.
Maybe you want to try hickory or bamboo needles...
Just do it....don't be shy

Knit or Knot carries all the yarns in the fibre slideshow, plus the full line of Noro and Diamond yarns.

There is no yarn shop in the greater Toronto area that has even close to the selection and services that Knit or Knot has.
Norma has been in the yarn business since the early 70's
She knows what knitters want.
Her facility is spotless and her staff is knowledgable.
Some of the customers are so comfortable with the energy in the shop, they choose to do their knitting in the shop.

If you want to hang with our group of knitters one evening a week, and gab and knit, and ask questions and network.....
Then come to
Knotty Knitters
Every Thursday evening 7-9
See the classes schedule at the top of the post for the prices

So many folks are afraid of sock knitting.
It doesn't take too long to perfect your technique, and you get lovely socks to wear afterwards.
The new yarns are so cool!
There is even yarn that looks like sock monkey!
I got new patterns at the shop to make ankle socks for me.

Regia yarns guarantee their sock fibres for like 20 years.(double check the yrs but I think I am correct)
Lately my purchased socks are lasting me one day before I get a hole!
So I am going to build me some socks!

Be part of the new era of crafters perfecting what almost became a lost art.
Knit or Knot has supplies for knitting, crocheting, cross stitch, crewl, embroidery and weaving.
There are great patterns that the shop will give you when you purchase the yarn for the project at the shop.
There are great classes for every level of knitter.

And Knotty Knitters is the place to come and chat and knit. It gives you a chance to ask questions of your peers. Get advice on a colour or a look.
And possibly get some new ideas from the group.

If you want to learn to knit, the beginner classes are great!

If you are a guy who wants to knit, then come on by.
Men were the original knitters here in Canada.
On the coast, in the past, every winter was spent by the men knitting and repairing nets for codfishing.
I still see bobbins that net knitters would use in the shop. Now we have new uses for them.
In WW1 and WW2 Soldiers had to learn to knit and darn their own socks.
In the ships the men would be at sea for months so they would crochet table cloths to take back home to their mothers and wives.


For all of you who are in the Toronto area I hope to see you over at Knit or Knot.

If you come by or order online please mention you heard about the shop in my blog.

Knit or Knot is located in Aurora Ontario.
The cross roads is Yonge Street and Murray.
It is easiest to take 404N from Toronto to Bloomington Side Rd.
Take Bloomington West to Yonge Street.
Go North on Yonge.
Just past the Canadian Tire Store is Murray and Yonge Street.
The plaza that has the Staples in it is where Knit or Knot is.
They are in the L-shape of store fronts near the Fish and Chip shop and Omars shoes.

call them at:
to email questions or orders go to the web site:


Anonymous said...

Wow! That store looks amazing! I'll check it out next time in your 'hood. Thanks for the tip!

Lynn said...

Hey Teena
If you ever want to transit up here on a weekend I will pick you up a finch.
Just send me an email. I will respond.

chase said...

Hallo Lynn and Happy New Year to you!!!

Wonderful photos and now I am thinking of taking knitting as well since I saw this video about guys knitting

RennyBA said...

Somehow I'm sorry I am not in the Toronto aria:-) What a readable and lookable post - your amazing. I know my mother would go crazy there though as she loves to knit and so did my grandma. I still have wonderful warm socks from here to warm me up while go skiing.
Wishing you a wonderful knit weekend:-)

Debbie said...

I would max my credit cards in a place like this! Look at all those circular needles. I am drooling!

Jules said...

I wish I knew how to knit...but then again, with all those gorgeous options, I wouldn't know where to start! I can't wait to see your next creation!

Lynn said...