Friday, January 19, 2007

It's All In The Fibre!
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Knit or Knot January Sale

I was at knit or knot last night for Knotty Knitters.
Oh my!
What an amazing find I got.
These are hand painted fibre.
The most beautiful, vibrant colours!

Sea Silk, Merino wool, and combo silk, angel hair,mohair!

Umm lovely.

I have some vinage beaded projects I will use for the special yarn.
I am going to try my hand at knitted jewelry.
That is a vast catagory.

I also have beaded shawl patterns and stuff too.

This is a custom order and the first order took 6months to come in because of the hand work.
Knit or Knot has a small supply left (because we all went nutz and purchased alot up) and the choices of colour are amazing!

Norma just ordered again to ensure we have a good stock to choose from.

All of the yarn is soo soft and the thread is so good and consistant!
This is the combo yarn
That Merino sock yarn looks like browns then a second look shows the earthy colours enhanced by a purple!

Don't forget to browse through the Knit or knot post by clicking it at the top of my sidebar.
Through that post you can email inquiries for colour and prices for the great fibre.

This is the Sea Silk

This is the Merino Sock Yarn

Below are the bags of yarn I got
The 50% off sale at Knit or Knot!

I am imagining making myself
a beautiful Fisherman's Aaran pullover with this!

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chase said...

nice colours! Hey Lynn can you ask your dear husband on how he will update his online magazine. Like monthly, weekly or just continuously. Updating once a new product or news arrive