Saturday, January 20, 2007

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Today I get to introduce you to my Husband's blog, NorthOn40.
Just when you thought you heard it all, from women complaining about being over 40, and mentioning "The Change" every 5 minutes, here comes a lighter version from a Man's perspective.

This blog may change over the next while to become something else as Carl eases into the Bloggosphere. But for now it is a blog on a Man's life cusping the end of the 40's and entering his 50's in 2007.
Right now this defines him. But I bet soon it will be his way of defining something he is becoming.

Carl's life is in IT. He already had 7 yrs in the business when I met him, then married him a year later. We will be married 23 years in June.

Carl is just finishing a long career after "The Golden Handshake", that may have not been quite as golden as he may have predicted 20yrs ago when we all spouted at card-parties and gatherings what each of our "magic number" was. The magic number was years of service plus your age equals a magic number. If 70 was your magic number that was a good deal. In the 90's it was still a good deal. But by the new millenium the "magic number" meant nothing in more and more companies as buy-outs and take-overs ensued, and company pension plans became non-existant.

Those who have the company pension plans are laughing today! They still have a magic number, and can plan on a nice tidy sum to live on .........freedom 55!
Now Carl will take some time to decide what is next on his list for work. Another career? Self-employment? The dream job of working in the paint department of Home Depot? Something web oriented? Teaching? Extending his work with the Canadian Military Reserves?
Who knows.........

Carl is funnier than I am. He is witty, and has a sense of humour only those from Newfoundland have.

I hope that you will make NorthOn40 part of your links.


Alas, a palm tree garden by the pool.
Well we walked around the pool. It was too cold to swim in Vegas.
But it is definitely warmer than here this weekend.
In Ontario, Canada this weekend it is sub-zero and snowing!


Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Ah... look at that pool... *dreaming*

We have the same weather as you over here. Not nice :-)

RheLynn said...

Thanks for introducing us to Carl's blog!

Deb said...

Mmmmmmm a pool!
Happy Sunday!
My GTS is up, too :)

TorAa said...

I will, hope I can realize it-))

See why here:

Thank you for your last posting,
I’ve learned a lot

Pls be patient with me, my TP and broadband are definetly not my friends this evening. Pradon me, I have only some seconds here.
That’s why everyone will have the same short message.

Tricia said...

Hey Lynn! That pool looks mighty nice about now. :)

I'll have a peak at your husbands blog. I got confused when I saw the post and didn't realize your GTS was under it. Double posts confuse me at times. LOL

You missed my blog party! Tricia's Musings turned a year old on Sunday.

Dirty Butter said...

I enjoyed reminiscing about the early days of computing. Thanks for the link to your DH's blog.