Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wordless Wednesday: Our Sunday 55km road trip from Newmarket (in the countryside) to the Harbourfront Centre (a block south of the CN Tower), to end up at the Enwave Theatre to do a bit of Psychic Investigation.

On Thursday I will add some words to the photos.

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Newmarket is uphill from Toronto, so amazingly enough the top of the CN tower can be spotted from Newmarket. As we get to the freeway the land dips a bit so we can only catch the faded grey tip of it if we look at the photo from left to right: to the right of the close building and to the left of the wood telephone pole, you can see the grey hazy tip of the tower in the horizon of the chain link fence.


RheLynn said...

Very nice pictures Lynn! Hope everything went well for you at the theatre.

crygibb said...

I will never forget the one time hubby and I stayed at the Westin in Toronto. It was January, and it was freezing, and we decided to walk to the CN Tower, instead of taking a cab. Big Mistake, we were so frozen by the time we got there. Course we look back and laugh but i won't be doing that again in the freezing weather. Great photos. Happy WW. Mine is up too.

Teena said...

Great action shots! I felt like I was on the DVP!! Had you kept on the Gardiner another five minutes or so, you would have almost been at my place.

Gord used to live in Aurora and used to tell me that he could see the CN Tower from up his way. I never believed him until he pointed it out to me one day when we were up that way. Amazing!!

TorAa said...

Thank you, when I visit Toronto, I need no GPS device, I just make paper photos of all these pictures (give them a sequential number in case I drop the deck) and then Piece of Cake.

Great posting.

PS. I just posted one on Wednesday, but realise I have to join.