Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I am back from my Blogger Vacation!

Can you guess where I have been?
(don't make a guess if you receive my email updates, cuz you know where I have been)

I wasn't just taking a break, I flew away!
Here are some hints so you can guess where I have been.

This is today:

This was yesterday:

Last Friday:

Where we lived:

Ohhh Pretty Horse!:

Our Cafe:

La Promenade:

Pubbing in Style?

Anyone for a ride?


So this is the Where Has Lynn Been Game.

Please put your guess in comments.
Those that get it right will get a badge from me.

Please leave your name at my Mr Linky, then share your answer in comments.

(anonymous entries are excluded)


RennyBA said...
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RennyBA said...

Wherever you've been one can tell you've had a wonderful trip and a relaxing time and that is all that matters. Judging from one of the pic my guess would be Egypt - but from the name of the pics it also might bee Las Vegas:-)

Lynn said...

Wow Renny great work!
Las Vegas it is!

The horse and the cafe is in the Venetian Hotel. The kitten lionette is 18months old and she is in MGM grand.
The NASCAR is in the M and M's world.
The pub is in the MGM Grand, and the promenade is in Paris.
I stayed at the Tropicana.

I will ask my son Alex to help me make a badge for your great detective work. It may take a week or so, but it will be something vegas-ee.

On Thursday the Tropicana was sold. There is a rumour that we may have been some of the last people to get to stay there before they close doors, and possibly tear it down.

Teena said...

I wondered what happened to you. I missed you :)