Friday, January 12, 2007

Quick! Find the Fire Exit!

Carl and I found a conundron for the fire exit.
see video

Colours and Lights

The Glitz on The Strip

(click on this photo to see "Colour at Harrah's")

Paris, Las Vegas

Harley Davidson Cafe, Las Vegas

Schwarofski Crystals at Harrah's, Las Vegas

The inner streets of The Aladdin Hotel and Casino

Monumentus men at The MGM Grand

Walk through the glitter grove in The Venitian

Enticement of the The Strip

The Stratosphere

Lights mean Life

Walking to Mecca

Flash inside the Sahara

Look Down Tropicana Blvd


TorAa said...

Now I've been there too, thanks to you.

Try to see all the pictures with this filter for Colorblindes. Scary or?

RennyBA said...

Thanks for taking us with - lovely pictures!

Btw: I'm glad I found out where you where LoL!

Wish you a wonderful end to your week:-)

RheLynn said...

Very pretty! Thanks for sharing thhe pictures with us -- I haven't seen a camel outside a zoo since I was a very little kid ;)

Mother of Invention said...

Wow! What a fabulous glitzy place!
Hope you didn't lose your shirt and maybe won a little!
Did you catch any shows? Celine still there?

Jessica said...


That exit door is um... strange to say the least. he he he. I'm still laughing mainly because they lay it out for you on the diagram... Wow =)