Saturday, April 07, 2007

Holiday Weekend Photos will Replace Photo Scavenger Hunt for this week.

Easter Dinner At Alex and Amber's In Peterborough

This is a busy weekend with alot of travelling on our part.
The beginning of the weekend was yesterday.....of course! And we travelled to the vacation district to Alex and Amber's University apartment on Good Friday, for a Holiday meal.

We took Nanny Tucker up too. She is 94 now.
It was a great drive up north and a snowy drive home.
Our balmy temperatures have been replaced by blistering cold with lots of wind and weird fine snow or freezing rain.

We moved the tables into the livingroom from the dining room for more space.

Candy kitty was curious about the smell of Easter Chocolates in the bag.
Actually I don't think she could care less about he chocolate, but really wanted the
plastic wrap I had put around the gifts.

"I want in There!"

Nanny Tucker

Kitty resigned to the fact that she is not gonna get to eat the plastic wrap.

The empty dining room.
See all the booze on the bar?
Amber and Alex have been having formal fancy drink parties.
They charge $10.00 a head and everyone has to dress up!
They are making a profit from it.
Anything to earn money for food on the table!\
Smart idea!

Candy Kitty lookin all cute

Amber is shining the pet lazer on the floor, and Carl and Candy are scheming to catch it!

Candy started to get a bit excited and broke a rule and walked on the end table.
Amber is scolding Candy

Candy getting a "calm Down" hug from Amber
Make note of the plant pots on the book case, for the future!

Me playing Kitty-Paws with Candy

Oh nice stretch while playing

Upp now she has all 4 paws and mouth into the play

One excited jump too many and Candy knocked the cactus off the book shelf all over Amber!
Al is despirately trying to vacuum Amber. Hehe

This is when Amber discovered the cactus and dirt was down her back

eeeewwww! It's everywhere!

And the men get out their war tools and go to work on the dirt


News About My Blogger Posting and Editing Problem

Well I finally found out what my Blogger Problem was. After "El Rato" helped me all he could, I was forced to send trouble tickets to Blogger.
I sent several a week for several weeks and got no responses from Blogger.

I could not highlight one piece of text on my posts in the Compose window of the Edit feature.

This meant I was forced to do all my posts in Html only.
I can do it, but I am not skilled at it and it takes me hours and hours to do one post. Especially if it has alot of photos in it!

In despiration I took my computer (which is new and has Windows Vista on it) and I showed Alex what was happening.
In three seconds he fixed it.
He deleted the newest Internet Explorer that came with the Vista, and replaced it with Firefox.

Aparently the newest Internet Explorer is Ass! It has so many incompatibility bugs with java, it isn't funny.

It would be a conflict of interest for me to tell what Internet/tool company(that many of us Blog folks makes use of) Alex works for, but he told me to make sure that Blogger knows that the Help Tech of that company solved the problem that they would not even acknowledge in a return of my trouble ticket. And it was in Blogger's best interest to pimp their own (google) product of Firefox in this situation, and they did not even do that.

I have used Firfox from pretty much the beginning of my Blogging. I only made the switch when I got Vista because I was hoping that MicroSoft had improved their Internet Explorer when they upgraded it to a newer version. Oh yeah, I was wrong to assume that!

Just another dumb day in Bloggation where I am shown the "simple"way to solve another computer problem! I honestly don't know what folks who have no real humans in their life to turn to when they have Blog problems do in these drastic situations? Do they just give up and stop posting?

I am so lucky for having The Men in my world all so knowledgable in Computing and Web developement.

So my Glorious Thanks Goes to Alex who cooked the most amazing meal on Friday and Amber And Alex for all of their Hospitality, and for My Great Tech Support Son Alex who fixed my Blog Problem!!!!!!


RheLynn said...

Many cute pictures of Candy! Funny that she wanted into the 'candy' hehe.. The fancy dress party idea sounds cool -- great A&A have that many connections they can have fun and make some money at it!

As for the computer problem -- Vista is causing problems everywhere we've seen, so far. Your son's use of Firefox to fix this particular problem sounds right on the money. We've nicknamed the alternative 'The Internet Exploder' around here.

Mother of Invention said...

Sounds like you've had a great Easter so far! Have a great rest of Easter weekend! Candy is so big now and looks just like my Mooky!
Okay, spring has to come for real soon, eh? My husband actually went sking yesterday and is going today!

What a pain about your computer problems!

Dirty Butter said...

I gave the IE7 a try, and still have it on my computer, just for Windows Update. Other than that, I'm all FF!!

It took me awhile to get used to VISTA, but I'm feeling pretty good about it now. How about you?