Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Wasn't That A Party!
(Happy Birthday Cliff)

Well, it was a whirl-wind weekend.
Friday, of course was Holiday meal at Al and Amber's
Then Saturday was THIS party.
And Sunday we went to see my Mom and Dad in Toronto.

We travelled up to Innisville to attend a party for Cliff's 60th birthday.
The whole family came.
Ann's side and Cliffs side and quite a few of us friends!
Only 3 of the nephew's were unable to attend.
That is pretty cool, considering everyone is quite grown up now, and has their own job and family responsibilities.
I think that is the best turn out anyone could expect.

We were the closest for travelling.
All of Cliff's family came from the area which is along the St. Lawrence River in and near Iroquois, Ontario, and up to Trenton, Ontario.

Ann's family comes from the West End of Toronto and farther West around Cambridge, Ontario.

We travelled 20 min, but the farthest travelled 5 hrs, then 3, then 2, then 1.5hrs.
And the more crowded the house was, the more fun we had!

The amazing thing was that there were three dogs among us too, and you would not even know it. They were so well behaved and quiet, with all of our carrying-on.
I got some really great video of the fun times too, but I think I have to ask permission to show it, and I don't know if I want to bother, so the photos will suffice.

The weekend as a whole was a blast but I am pooped now.
I will do my best on the who's who, but I cannot remember everyone's name.

Cliff opening our gift

Cliff and Ann

Our gift-crystal eagle rotating light, laser cut

Cliff sitting on his Sister's lap talking to his Niece and Brother-in-law

Cliff's Two Sisters(left to right) and his Niece

Cliff and his Sisters

Carl, Cliffs Niece, Ann, Ann's Nephew waving, Ann's Brother-in-law, Ann's Sister

Ann's other Sister, Ann's Nephew and Brother-in-law

Ann's Nephew, Cliff's Brother-in-law, Cliff's Nephew-in-law, Ann's Nephew, Ann's Sister(at sink) and Ann's other sister, and Ann's Mom is sitting in the middle.

Cliff's friend from work, Joe, and The Castleman's dog Becca

Cliff's Sister, her Husband, Cliff sitting on his Sister's lap, Cliff's Niece, Ann

Ann's Sister and her Son, and Cliff's Brother-in-law

Cliff and Ann

Cliff Takin the Cake

Ann's Mom and Ann, and Ann's Nephew

Cliff receiving his gift from Ann. A John Wayne Dedication plaque

Cliff opens an Eagle Clock. He also received the eagle lamp.
So if you haven't figured it out yet......Cliff likes eagles, John Wayne, and parties!)

Ann and Me

A beautiful collage made of family photos, from Cliff's Niece

All the women gang up on Cliff

I first met Cliff and Ann in 1991, when I started playing fiddle out and about in the country music scene of Ontario. Cliff is a singer and drummer. He has played in many successful bands since he was a teenager. We have spent many years playin together. In 1993 Cliff decided he wanted to add fiddle player to his musical titles, and am fortunate enought to have been his fiddle teacher.
Cliff and Ann have been great friends ever since. Cliff is a colourguard for the legion, and he comes out and supports Alex and Carl in their Military endeavors.
Ann is like my sister. She and I even look like we are related.
I actually met Ann about 10 yrs before we lived in the countryside, when she was in reception at a medical arts building I frequented when I was a dental scientist; But we did not put it all together till years and years later.

In this millenium we can add wilderness camping together, and hangin out and watching videos to the things we like to do together.


Teena said...

Sounds like a fun fun time!

RennyBA said...

Yea, it really seams and sounds like a great party and how wonderful youve shared it with us - thanks!

Sending Cliff belated greetings all the way from Norway:-)

RheLynn said...

It looks like there was a large attendance and fun!

Mother of Invention said...

Neat that you used to play fiddle! Do you still a bit? I thought you were Ann's sister!