Friday, April 13, 2007

I Am Feeling Like A Queen!

This just means I feel on top of my stuff today. I worked like a fiend on my work area today. I have it almost done. It seems like I just get it all nicey nicey and I start a new project that makes me have to re-jig the whole area.

Got great news yesterday. My first shipment of specialty sized materials arrived today. So now I have the ability to produce about 12,000 units of my small sized Swirl-Tips
I am waiting on my next order of extra small materials and I will get about 14,000 units out of this shipment. I bet it is here before Tuesday!
I am very excited!
Just to remind you what you can look forward to if you are a knitter....
Here They Are:

Swirl -Locks


Norma, who owns knit or knot has a few great ideas for merchandise for the shop and has asked me if I can try to make some of these items to sell.
So this weekend I will go looking for materials.
One is a short needle/round needle bag with pouches for notions and do dads, like one my Mom gave me. If I am successful finding cheap ends of materials I will design one. I am all for really great prices, so I want to be able to make it cheap. So everyone wins!

Was at Knotty Knitters last night at Knit or Knot. The Spring session has just started, so it is not too late to be part of our Hen group. We would love to see you there!: Thursday afternoons or evenings
There are gals from Toronto coming up for classes, so if you live in Toronto, you could get creative, once you get to know people, and make arrangements for a travel buddy for Saturday classes.

Margaret helped me with my sock issue. Aparently I was overthinking the twist on the Purl (yo) and I was making mine too complicated for its own good.

Today I will tackle these socks and one new pair for when we take class on Saturday. On Saturday I am taking my sock class, at Knit or Knot and in a couple of weeks I start the Two-in One sock class at Knit or Knot. This method actually knits two socks at the same time, on the one set of needles. It is kinda like doing a double knit that separates in the end. These are knit from cuff down.


RennyBA said...

No wonder you feel like one as you are a knitting Queen!
Wish you and your family A Happy Weekend:-)

Nathan said...

Wow, looks like a complicated process. I'd easly get mixed up and forget the order and stuff it I were to do something like that.

Sue said...

Bows to the Queen ... :) Just wanted to wish you a Happy Friday the 13th!!! See you soonly!

RheLynn said...

Your socks are looking good! And your knitting tools look like they are going like hot cakes *wishing you good luck with them!*

Sue said...

I was challenged by VC Dan a venture capitalist today to find the hottest new invention, and naturally I wrote about yours! Not only do I think these are hot, but hold on girl I do believe they are going to sell in the millions!!! I do not have to be a psychic to figure that out!! I also worked knitting enthusiast Johnny Depp into my entry on the Old Green Bus! Bestest!!!!