Thursday, April 19, 2007

(we are going to hit 15,000 visitors (this weekend) since June 13th, 2006)

Happy Birthday To Cam!

Cam is 19 today at 12:20PM. Yep, at 12:08 PM I realized the baby was coming and the Dr hadn't come back from surgery yet. The midwife and I worked on stopping the labour for 12 min while I waited for the Dr. to arrive.
When the Dr arrived and got his gloves on I said, "Ready?"
The Dr. said, "Lets make it happen!"
I pushed once and Cam shot out like an 8lb 6 oz rocket!
The room was packed with nursing students and med students and my Dr.'s secretary....ohh and me and Carl!
And Cam has been an "attention whore" ever since!

He is My creative, drummer, writer, stand-up comedian, bike rider Son.

Carl and I, and Alex and Amber pooled our funds together and got Cam some drum equipment to expand his kit.
A new crash cymbal, two new cymbal stands, and to extenders for extra cymbals.
Today we will drive to Peterborough and have dinner with Alex and Amber.
Tomorrow, Cam and his peeps go to Sgnt Splatter paintball arena for 4 hrs of mayhem.
Saturday the band folks will party with Cam to celebrate him coming of drinking age.


The black stain on the ceiling is a silly string smudge from a party long ago.

Drum kit
Pearl Export Series.
This is his second kit.
His first he litterally wore it out!
This kit has a double kick for the bass drum.
We get at least half hour of SWEET,SWEET SOUND every day!

This kit is made for heavy duty, heavy metal playing.
It takes alot of abuse.
Fast fast rolls and rifs outta this kit.
Next time he practices I will record the drumming.
It is so amazingly awesome!
I won't be able to record in the same room as he plays, cuz it would be too loud for the video mic.
I will sit in the stairwell.

I finally got the Leet Haxors' sweater finished for Al. So today Al gets a present too!

Crusty Still isn't out of his shell. The Saga continues...

These were calling my name at Just Drums when we went to get Cam's stuff
Tibetan Singing Bowls:

My Swirl-Locks and Swirl Tips are featured in On Old Green Bus Blog
Sue was challenged by a Venture Capitalist to find the newest invention on the web.
I feel very humble for this plug.
I so appreciate it.
Click on the thumbnail to see the post
Thanks Sue and Matt!


RennyBA said...

Happy Birthday to Cam - all the way from Norway. Hi's just great and no wonder you are proud of him!

The Tibetan Singing Bowls was just amazingly good - thanks for sharing this wonderful composition with us!

Life is so much fun with great music in your life - count your blessings:-)

RheLynn said...

Happy happy Birthday to Cam!

Wow - how did your midwife hold labor for 12 whole minutes! That is amazing and even more so that he shot out like a rocket *giggle*

He looks like he has a wonderful sense of humour. What a wonderful team gift for him that you all put together!

Teena said...

Happy birthday to Cam!!!!

What a nice remembrance!

My nine assignments that are due for tomorrow's class are done done done. Yay! So I'm baaaaaaaaack! did you miss me??!!

Lynn said...

When a labour gets to a certain point the pain ends. That window is what we used.
I would just breathe through the contractions and there was no pain.
It is only that very last step.
For most people they would not even notice the no pain part because the labour is allowed to progress till the birth.
I was going to tear and I wanted to be cut, or the midwife could have delivered him. But she was not allowed to cut me. So we waited.

Mother of Invention said...

What an easy delivery you had! And what a neat son you have! Happy 19th Cam! Keep on drummin'!

Michelle said...

Is that the shell you "snipped"? If it was snipped it probably wasn't too bad a size. Ecuadorian crabs are notorious for being reluctant to change shells and they do seem to prefer snug ones. There's nothing you can do to make a hermit crab change shells unfortunately, they are stubborn fellows, especially E's