Sunday, April 01, 2007

Crocuses in my Garden

The Livingroom Germaniums
Want to go outside.

The Orchids have an Inner Glow

Ummm Spring Lillies


RheLynn said...

Very pretty flowers! Note: Mark says to water the orchids just a little less than you are currently. The petals fold back when they are overwatered, and get dry when they are underwatered. He's kept orchids for years.

I love your lilies and would like to see more of the geraniums!

Tricia said...

Wow you go all out with your photos! LOL

First question - are your crocus' white? If they are I've never been able to find white ones. I have some bright yellow ones blooming now and I've probably got some purple ones blooming too but I didn't go outside to investigate this weekend. Should have.

The lilies and orchids are just lovely. It looks like you have a few different orchids from the photos. Of course the geraniums are just lovely. Beautiful color.

skeet said...

Such a riot of color and beauty! I'm growing mostly grren things, except for blossoming trees and shrubs. I really need to plant something colorful down low where I can enjoy without craning my neck, lol!

Visiting for Green Thumb Sunday!

Evey said...

such beautful pictures and flowers. loveit.

chase said...

Belated Happy Anniversary and wow what a wonderful set of flowers you have Lynn!

Jules said...

How do you get Orchids to grow so well? Beautiful!