Monday, May 14, 2007

Baby Lucas Is Growing Up!

You may remember that on October 23rd, 2007
We had a surprise, when Becky had her baby a month early!
And with a bit of a shock baby Lucas came in to this world.

On Saturday I snapped these pictures of Lucas visiting Grandma Charlotte
with an early Mother's Day greeting for her.

You would not know he was a premature baby, would you!
Cute Huh!
(he looks like his Dad, Mike)


chase said...

Awww what a cute and sweet looking baby...

Teena said...

Wow! What a cutie! He sure has grown in such a little time.

RennyBA said...

Thanks for keeping us posted - good to see him so nice and sound!
And then it's a big day tomorrow:-)

TorAa said...

What a great development. Congrats. Must have been a great relief.

ahib0205 said...

cute baby ... :) where is father? i want to compare :P