Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Crabitat For Humanity

I got a comment from Michelle for one of last weeks posts. She has all sorts of info on her blog about hermit crabs. I got some good advice, and I noticed something really cool in her habitats. She made hemp nets and hammocks for her hermit crabs to play on.

I got really excited! I don't have hemp but I have cotton, so I decided to try my hand at making crabitat nets for my guys. I really appreciate her idea, and I am psyched now about the habitat.
This will give me new ways to create cool high-level areas for the crabs!

I made my nets rainbow.

So my rainbow corner bridge is set. Now it is time for a platform!

I made a platform with a hole in it so the bridge could go through it and connect both slings.

I sprayed down the platform with water, and formed it into the sag I wanted. The rainbow ramp is attached to the little log.
By putting in this sling platform I create shadows for a sense of security for Crust and Crabby Jack, and the moistened platform holds enough moisture to keep the humidity nice and high.
I used to have to turn off the light for a while so the crabs would come out and feed. Now the shadows will allow me to keep the warm dayglow light on all the time.

Now I hope they will make use of my little slings!


RheLynn said...

Wonderful! Some awesome pictures there too - very colorful. I can definitely see how the cotton will hold extra water for them. I hope they use your creations and enjoy them!

Teena said...

Sorry I haven't been around in a bit but life has been busy ... school on Monday night and chairing an AGM last night.

Wow! Very colourful! Are you providing sunglasses too :) Just kiddin'!!

Michelle said...

Very cool! I would only recommend that you spritz them with aquarium salt water to reduce the chances that they will mold.

Very cute little crabitat you've got there!

imaddikt said...

It looks great with the colors, however the dyes in colored yard or other strings can be poisonous which is why hemp is recommended for use in crabitats. Plus the tend to eat the fibers and hemp is all natural which won't hurt them. The cotton fibers could...