Friday, May 04, 2007

The Garden Is Beginning To Bloom

I haven't done any work in the garden yet.
I didn't take advantage of last week's lovely weekend last week, like my neighbours did.

This weekend is the first one in which I don't have a class or seminar or trade show to go to.
So, Cam said he would help me in the garden. I promised him I would have all the dry bits out and done before he wakes up on Saturday. Then after he gets up we will go to Home Depot to get some more Black Mulch for the edging.


Front Garden Growth


I Always Forget The Name of This one

Front Garden


Double Tulips/also called Lion's Head Tulips

Tulips Awaiting The Sun

The Bleeding Heart

Arrow Tip Tulip




Double Tulip (open)/ Also Called Lion's Head

Variegated Tulip


Teena said...

Looks awesome! I don't have the yard or time or ambition, though :(

chase said...

Oh my that looks wonderful! You really have a lovely garden!

Lynn said...

We spend alot of time outside in the summer.
Our garden is like another family room.
I don't have fancy furniture or anything.
Just a place where everyone can let loose.

RheLynn said...

Very pretty! Your garden is really getting up and meeting the sun!