Tuesday, May 08, 2007

It's Tuesday.......All day!

This was a very eventful day.
Carl had an interview in Toronto, so I tagged along.
There was a mall right next door to the building so I went browsing.
Well, I don't browse malls much cuz I WILL buy. So I purchased.

I got some nice sandals and two more hermit crabs
They are very frisky. Much more lively than the ones we already have.
I am excited because these ones play with me. They love to get out and crawl around, and they pop their heads out right away when I put them in my hand.

So I am changing up the crabitat a bit to accomodate two more to the population.
I haven't named them yet. Cam suggested porn star names because they are frisky!

After getting the Crabs, Carl and I went to The Rainforest Cafe at Yorkdale. We have some video of the thunderstorms in the cafe.

I finally found new pond lights, so they will be ready for the grotto waterfall when we get it running this week.

The garden in the front of the house is almost in full bloom. So there are pics of that too.

Thunderstorm at The Rain Forest Cafe

The Tuesday Garden

Crab Hyginks

My Metobolic Dinner
Shiritaki Noodles, mushrooms, broccoli, chicken, celery, red peppers, and snow peas, seasoned with Mrs. Dash and stir fried in Pam

Shiritaki Noodles are a Yam Tofu Noodle containing no carbs and no sugar.
The come wet in a refridgerated bag.


Teena said...

I've never known anyone with pet crabs before. This is so interesting!

Mother of Invention said...

I don't like eating crabs but I love your word "crabitat"! Clever.