Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Now I Have Seen Everything!

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On Tuesday, Carl and I decided to take a late afternoon drive to Rama Casino in Orillia. We drove the scenic way (Up Hwy 48 to Hwy 12 and North from there).

We went up and had dinner at the buffet and played the slots for a few hours. We didn't win but we played our money for a long time.

On the way home we stopped at a gas station (the gas was 103 a litre there) and I noticed this machine! Talk about fast food!

Its a pop machine that has been converted into an automatic dew worm dispenser. Now you can go to the local pop machine to get your worms for fishing! Someone had their thinking cap on straight! Wish I had of thought of it.


RheLynn said...

very interesting machine indeed!

Teena said...

Can't say I've ever seen one of those either.

Lynn said...

Ok Rhelynn you and Mark are in great fishing country. You guys have to convert a soda pop machine into a bait depot!