Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day Weekend


It has been a relaxing Mother's Day Weekend.
I am feeling quite tired from the diet.....but I am not cheating!

I built two big soups: chicken, and lean beef with vegetables.

I got to see baby Lucas, and I will show pics of him tomorrow.
Today for Green Thumb Sunday I want to show you a few pictures I took on Saturday which turned out awesome, by fluke!

I like photography, but my idea of the perfect shot is the accident among hundreds of photos.
If you are just a so-so photographer, you can be awesome with volume!

Here is the testament to that!:

Bleeding Heart

Arrow-Tipped Tulips

Yellow Varigated Tulip

This one is my favourite shot!
Feathered Petals
Feather Red

Speckled Violet

Love this one too!
Rosey Straw Flower.
White Peone
Short White Mountain Iris

Bleeding Heart


Cascade Of Bleeding Heart

Indigo Violets

Two Lion's Head Narcissus


RUTH said...

A lovely set of photographs. Isn't it wonderful when the shots turn out so well. Al of the flowers you have we grow here in the UK though the Plumoneria we call Polyanthus. Happy Gardening.

skeet said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I'm especially enjoying all of the tulips through GTS these last few weeks. I use the same photographic method. I take hundreds of pictures evey week in order to get half a dozen worth sharing, lol!

Michelle said...

I love the feathery tulip! Isn't it wonderful when the camera is finally taking good shots?h

RennyBA said...

Glad to hear you have a nice and good Mothers Day - you deserves it!

Those flower pics where lovely and a great reminder of the lovely spring season - thanks for sharing!

Btw: I just love your comments on my wish post and are so much looking forward to a real hug:-)

Sara said...

Your photos are just stunning and so colourful.
Sara from farmingfriends in the UK

Jean said...

Thanks for stopping by for a visit! I love the feathered petal tulips and the spotted violets. Great pictures!

TorAa said...

These are all excellent photos to be proud of. It seems you have the same flowers at the same time as we do here in the Oslo area. And that's interesting. So far apart.