Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sunshine and Lollipops

Well I think we have all decompressed following the emotional upset of last week.
I saw people I haven't seen for years.
We were surprised by friends from work, and friends from long past.

It is always so great to see so many people come for a funeral viewing. The atmosphere is sad, but the talking makes it better.

It is these days....the after ones where I sit and reflect upon the blessings of those few days, and I think, "Why is it that we can never quite find enough time in the year to keep in touch with all these people?"

I don't know if it is like this in other people's lives, but it seems that these days we only see a lot of our friends and relatives at funerals, baby showers, wedding showers or weddings.
The greeting cards pass between us at the significant times, but our lives just seem to be too full for the social interaction............Or is it that we are lazy?
I ponder this often.

I am sure it is the Only Child in me that makes me wish to keep all the contacts fresh and close. Maybe I am just a dreamer.

I am not saying that anyone is to blame for the way it is. I just wish I could see everyone often. I am sure that this blog fulfills something of the dream. It all started so I could share with my friends and family at a time I found it hard to communicate verbally. And now it is like my weird visual telephone.

I rarely speak on the phone any more. I email.....and blog.
In the old days you couldn't get me off the phone. Now I hiss at it when it rings, "Damn Telemarketers!"
Its funny how some media became so much easier on the psyche.

My family is all email and MSN savvy. I like the visual of messaging.
We use many forms of messaging.
We play Pogo around here. Pogo is a games site. Card games and word games and puzzles that are free. There is a live chat in each game room so you can talk to your friends and family while playing. My friend Pauline and I Pogo and chat as pretty much our only form of communication.

I sometimes sit in and watch my Parents play Gin, or play with them, and we gab about the day.

Carl and I even play Pogo together. That is kinda funny. Carl and I used to sit in the same room and play on two computers-a game together.

If you Pogo you can add me to your friends list. I am witchamy9. Send me a Pogomail. I am usually on around 11PM EST. Sometimes I come on in the day. Do you Pogo? If so, which is your favourite game?

So back to Sunshine and Lollipops. I have taken quite a tangent here.
I am seeing sunshine, but there is a cool wind here.

The lollipops will be the feeling if we get a bit warmer days so I can hang out -outside more.
I am looking forward to blogging from the grotto via my wireless and laptop.

Tuesday morning Carl and I are going to Home Depot to get supplies. Carl cleaned out the garage and is taking on the task of building storage shelves. Woo Hoo!
He found some plans on the net.
We also are going to price out Bath enclosures. Time to redo the area around the tub. Not what I really wanted to do, but I think we have a moisture problem behind the tiles which needs our attention. It is always something.

Do you know how many bikes we have outgrown that were in the garage? Oh gosh...like 5.
One is really tiny. Must have been the second bike Alex had. A couple Cam has outgrown and wore out. And one is Carl's from high school (with skinny tires).
Mom and Dad gave Carl and I bikes a few years ago, so we don't need the old ones. And both Al and Cam have new bikes.
We had to rent a storage locker to put boxes in while Carl makes the shelves. Twenty-four years of stuff and documents takes up a lot of tote boxes. There are flutter boards in there that I had since I was like 5yrs old as well. A few toboggans, skis, carpet, and so much more!


Anonymous said...

I know when we lost Grandma we all spent a lot of time together as a family. It seemed the best way of dealing with everything and I've got to admit I kinda liked it - other than the losing Grandma part.

There are certain people in my family I actually prefer not to see on a regular basis and end up just enduring their presence at big occasions.

Teena said...

Life gets busy and we think we have more time than we do.

My aunt, Liz, died last Sunday. I hadn't seen her or really talked with her in about ten years, though I thought of her often. The memorial is on Saturday in Shelburne.

Lynn said...

Yep I know what you mean Caledonia.

Oh that's too bad about your aunt Teena.

My thoughts will be with you this week then.

Thanks to you all for the support you wrote last week.